Follow-up: Why Louisiana Pastor Was Gunned Down During Church Service



Things are about to get really messy.

We told you yesterday about Ronald J. Harris, the pastor who was gunned down during church revival on Friday in front of his congregation in Louisiana. While the motive for the shooting has been unclear for the last few days, according to new reports, even if the shooter, Woodrow Karey, Jr., didn’t know the pastor, he knew of him. Why?

Because Karey’s wife filed a rape complaint against the man.

According to ABC News, the man’s wife had actually filed a rape complaint against Pastor Harris two days before the shooting at the church. Despite that complaint, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso says that police are trying to figure out if the two actually had a consensual relationship, or if she had been sexually assaulted by Pastor Harris. Authorities say they had seen messages exchanged between the shooter’s wife and the victim. They are searching for more messages and phone records in the hope of trying to shed light on the type of relationship these two had.

Either way, Karey either caught wind of the betrayal or was aware and angry about the possible sexual assault, and he decided to take down the man with a shotgun during the revival service. He shot Pastor Harris in front of more than 60 members of the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center, including the victim’s wife. Since the pastor’s family hasn’t spoken publicly yet, it’s unclear if Mrs. Harris knew that her late husband was keeping in touch with the woman and it’s also unclear if the family as a whole knew about the rape complaint.

Karey, who is reportedly a deacon (not at the same church though), has since been charged with second-degree murder after he called the police to turn himself in. He’s being held with a $1 million bail. We’ll most definitely keep you posted on updates with this story because it’s getting crazier by the minute


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