For Ladies – The 4 Times To Avoid Wearing Lipstick!!!

images (18)1. When You’re Also Wearing a Smokey Eye: We love a good smokey eye, but if you’re wearing a bold lipstick, stick to a minimalist look up top to balance things out. Switching up your makeup is a ton of fun, but heed the “less is more” rule to avoid looking overdone.

2. While You’re Shopping: The exception to this rule is when you’re shoe shopping, but stick to as little makeup as possible while trying on clothing. Pulling a shirt or dress over your head and getting lipstick on the fabric can ruin a piece whether you’re buying it or not. You’ll either have to clean the stain once you buy the piece or the lucky lady who’s actually buying it will need to deal.

3. Meeting the Potential In-Laws: Similar to shying away from the lipstick on a first date, an extremely bold lip can look like you’re trying too hard to someone who doesn’t know you yet. Plus, if any eating is involved, you risk getting lipstick on your teeth and/or chin. After you meet the parents and test the waters a bit, going bold with your lip will come naturally.

4. At a Funeral: Simply out of respect, keep out of the spotlight in this somber setting, even if you’ve worn fire engine red lipstick every day for the past 10 years.

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