Genevieve Nnaji: “I’m Single And Happy”

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Beautiful Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji has all the features women die for but for some reason, the mother of 1 is still single.

Genevieve took to Twitter to express her happiness despite still remaining single.

She also shared her opinion on dating in the 21st century.

But the fact is, if she was happy, she wouldn’t need to tell us. I believe Genevieve doesn’t like being single but can’t come out straight to say it.

See her posts below:

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  1. Time shall tell on that inglorious bastards she thinks that’s de way it works,little wonder after sleeping with our former vice president(ATIKU) she has de gut to open her dick sucking mouth to utter rubbish and yet she has no man of her own,what a shame!what goes around comes around,even de baddest guy need a good girl.continue with your flirting,that was how caro clocked 53 without husband. Bitch of the century.

  2. She is just pritending that she is happy,but i know she is not.Mother fixin daughter flxin what afucking life is that.Shame on you.

  3. Akachukwu y are are sounding this way, do u have anything with her? are u educated at all? Men! u hate her with passion Gosh! infact u are just suffering from jealousy, just dat she said that, SHE IS HAPPY DESI PET THAT SHE IS STILL SINGLE. Aka.. or what ever u call ur stinking self, u are a BIG FAILURE. Do u know how men dat are dieying to meet her, just to have her as his wife? (Look at your lousy mentality, because she honor an invitation from ex vice president, dat was y stupid fools like think otherwise about her. “Nonsense Ndi Arra” UNA GO DIE for i care………………… Jenn is blessed Child, she is beautiful and will always be beautiful (She get marriage whenever she wants) YES is true dat we females need man as to calle our dear husband, but it is not always the Ultimate. Pls AKNKITE always MIND ur TENSES whenever you GOSSIPING about some one u HARDLY know. RUBBISH. CALL ME if u still need more of my insulting wards 08038605906

  4. See come oh aka what kind of nonsense be dat one, if u need a gal go so she cn gv u money so u pick ur height dan insulting her like dat, u tink say she be ur mate or wetin , u tink dat all single mothers like her get ₫ lucky as she is. Come guy mind dat ur stupid mouth or else I zip it for u. Is like ur stupid. If it was ur sister dat another insulted like dis like u did u tink say u go happy. Ur ₫ one dat is met to be ashamed of ur self becos her daughter is ur mate and she cn slap u wit money self. So mind ₫ way u tok, u just de tok as if u no go school at all. She said she is happy and am happy for her cos no be all de de lucky as she is. So mind ur self aka. Abeg gene pls dnt mind him he dnt hv any home training


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