‘Ghost’ Burgles Liquor Store Ahead of Halloween


Halloween may be right around the corner in America, but they can’t say they were expecting this.

Early Wednesday morning, an ABC liquor store in Anniston, Alabama was burgled… by a ghost.

The surveillance footage shows a spooky man in a sheet “floating” around the store, but not stealing anything. Not even one spirit!

Though we all appreciate a good laugh, Anniston Police Department is on the lookout for the elusive suspect, and posted the video to their Facebook page with the caption:

“We understand that it is nearing Halloween, but a ghost burglarizing a liquor store? Really? Apparently so….Anyone with any information regarding this criminal from the spirit realm, please contact us. But send us am email or shoot us a call, contacting a medium to get to us won’t work…”

Perhaps it was all the spirits that attracted the spirit, but at least the cops have a sense of humor about it.


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