How To Say Goodbye To An Unwanted Friend

Cut Her/Him Some Slack

Is it okay to end the intimacy you shared with a friend and bring it down to just being an acquaintance? Answer that, and if you think that might be easier on the two of you, why not! Save yourself some drama. This also gives you time to be reasonable. Then again, maybe a chat with your buddy could help them notice their flaws (if any) and help them change for the better.

A Face-To-Face Conversation

In a time when social networking sites have gained so much relevance, breaking up gets a new avatar — via an email or a message! Not only is this an act of escapism, it’s downright cheap too. It is important you explain to your friend, in person, why you decide to not keep in touch anymore; a friend deserves that much. Make a plan to meet your friend and tell her/him why you decided to take this call. Be frank, however hard it may be.

Hear Them Out

Everyone has a stand and what you can do as a friend (or an exfriend) is hear that out. It’s okay to stick to yours and be focused on what you intend to do, nonetheless listen to what your friend has to say. Don’t just say what you have to and expect the other person to act accordingly. You never know, maybe your friend could point out flaws in you which you never knew you had.

Don’t Make A Scene

Settle the conversation between the two of you without making a scene in front of common friends. Remember, you were friends at one given time and suddenly, disgracing each other in front of people who respected your friendship is nothing but immature. Be civil, most importantly be decent. Don’t vent out ill feelings in a manner you would regret later.