Human Rights Group Slams Northern Politicians On Handling Of Boko Haram


A human rights organisation, Youth and Conflict Resolution Initiatives, YCRI, has tasked the governors of Yobe and Borno states as well as other prominent political leaders from the north on paying more attention on how to tackle the boko haram insurgency instead of dissipating energy on 2015 elections.

The group’s Director of International Relations, Mr Efemena Agadama, said YCRI was saddened on how defenceless traders and innocent students were killed while the politicians and governors of affected states were busy with 2015 elections and party politics.

“The ongoing Boko Haram bloodshed shouldn’t be left for the federal government or the military authorities to resolve. Politicians and governors of Yobe and Borno states should support the federal government and the military authorities on how to quickly stop the guerilla killings of hundreds of innocent Nigerians by Boko Haram.

“The youths of those areas have been paying with their lives in supporting the military to stop the continuously massacre of innocent Nigerians. No country in the world will watch a group of terrorists roam freely in its villages and cities murdering students, market women and wiping out helpless families. It has to stop.

“Therefore, we call on the federal government and the military authorities to provide adequate security for those youths who have been assisting them. They shouldn’t be exposed to the ongoing manslaughter of their members else the military won’t ever have the support of the locals again.

“We also call on foreign organisations to verify and validate reports that they are being given from those areas by their members as some insurgents may have infiltrated their ranks to put undue pressure on the JTF members in order to weaken their morale and elevate the activities of the sect”, YCRI stated.


  1. It is a matter of urgent concern dat d northern governors are careless of d terrorism act in d region and are busy fighting and demoraling d federal government wit 2015, wen d people who voted them are being killed innocently. Is uncalled 4.
    Arewa Youths shuld wake up and ask these people questions on the security of their lives else? Do they north need peace or position in 2015?