Husband Catches His Wife In The Act With ”Best Friend”

He couldn’t believe his beautiful wife would do such to him: Moses and May were the quintessential lovebirds. Among their close circle of friends, they were nicknamed the M and M couple.

They met for the first time in the school library. The meeting was an accidental one because May bumped into Moses as she rushed out to meet up with a lecture. As he bent to gather his books and scripts that lay scattered all over the library floor, Moses mumbled under his breath, “If I did this to you, I would never hear the end of it.”

“I am truly sorry,” May apologised as she bent down to help him. “I have a 12 0’clock class with Professor Ben.” At the mention of Professor Ben, Moses understood the purpose of the rush.

According to Anna Okon…
Professor Ben was the dreaded statistics lecturer at the Metropolitan Polytechnic. Students called him, ‘the one minute professor’ because he only allowed one minute grace after entering the class for any late coming or distraction.

“You have just 10 minutes before Professor one-minute enters his class. Leave these papers and run along. I don’t want to be responsible for your failure,” Moses told May. His last statement was annoying and she would have given him a piece of her mind but she rushed past him, telling herself that she would remind him later, that nobody can make May fail in anything.

The two did not meet again until during convocation. Coincidentally, they were both top flight students and both received prizes for excelling in their various fields. While May emerged the best student in her department, Moses sailed to the top as the best overall student in the school.

On their way back from the podium with their certificates and laurels, May heard somebody whisper, “I see you made it to the statistics class after all; thanks to me.” She turned and realised it was Moses. She sneered back, “Listen, you arrogant man. Just because you attempted to act like a gentleman and prevented me from picking up your books does not make you anything other than what you are….” she began but he did not allow her to finish.

“What am I?” he asked, goading her, clearly enjoying her agitation and the look on her face.

“You are arrogant and you don’t know anything,” she finished.

Moses replied: “I would have believed your judgement, but unfortunately, that is not what my certificate says. You know, you look cute when you are angry. I would love to see you angry more often.”

They met again a few years later. May worked as a front desk officer in a commercial bank and Moses was a management trainee at an oil company. He had gone to May’s bank for a transaction and met her.

“Hi May, you are here!” Moses exclaimed on seeing her. “Moses,” she called his name and he did not miss the excitément in her voice. “You sound as if you are happy to see me,’’ he observed. “Well, that is because I have been wondering where my arrogant school mate disappeared to. Maybe I missed your cockiness,” May told him.

“I am sorry, May. Look, allow me to make up for all the annoying things I did to you. How about lunch? Please,” he pleaded and she agreed.

Their relationship progressed after that meeting into a steady love affair and after two years of courtship, they got married.

Moses could never have suspected his beautiful wife had a secret until five years into their blissful union.

It started with a visit from May’s long time friend and roommate in school, Precious. She had travelled to the United States of America after graduation to be with her parents, who were based there. The two constantly kept in touch on phone and through social media. Moses had no problem with his wife spending a lot of time chatting and making a long distance call. May had a lot of fond things to say about Precious. “I can’t wait to see your friend that you always talk about,” Moses always told her.

Precious finally arrived. When they went to pick her from the airport, Moses noticed how May dotted on Precious. From then on, the lady took up all the space in his wife’s life. Although she was lodged in a hotel on the Island, Precious was always around. Moses left May alone. He understood that she needed to catch up on the friendship.

When it was time for him to travel on an official mission to Europe, he was happy to leave May behind because he knew she would have Precious to keep her company. His flight was for 10pm, so he spent the whole afternoon with his wife and then, Precious came in shortly before 7pm to escort her friend and the husband to the airport.

Moses’ flight got cancelled 20 minutes to take-off time because of a security warning at the airport. The flight was rescheduled for the following day. It was all good, he thought as he took a cab back to his house to spend another night with his wife. The entrance door was locked when he got there. Not willing to disturb her sleep, he used his key. On entering the house, moans stopped him in his tracks. They were coming from his bédroom.

May, his wife with another man? He didn’t believe it but yanked the door open. May and Precious sprang up from the béd. They were náked!


  1. That friend is a thief! And that wife is unfaithful. But the husband if he’s a christian can display the spirit of forgiveness.On other hand, if the man (husband) is not believe in Jesus Christ, he can resort to legal action by marriage dissolution.