I Don’t Want Anybody To Shatter My New Home – Laide Bakare

Popular Yoruba actress Laide Bakare courted a huge scandal few months back when she got married to another one without dissolving her previous marriage. The new marriage which has produced a baby boy received several knocks from her estranged hubby and critics.
ENCOMIUM Weekly stumbled on her and she granted them a rare audience on her new marriage and motherhood and more… 
Pictures are Laide with her ex and present husbands.
  • You just came back after giving birth to your new baby boy, how do you feel?
I feel great, I feel blessed and I can say God has really been so good to me. And that’s why I would always say learn to be good all the time. Also, I felt it’s good to be myself and not believing in negativity. Life is like pages of a book which you read daily.
As for the joy of motherhood, I just give thanks to God that I now have what I desired. My desire was to have a boy and a girl. I adore a male child. I am so happy. I remain my humble self. I know myself and nobody knows me more than myself.

  • You said nobody knows you more than you know yourself, does that have to do with the scandals and rumours which engulfed your marriage?

Yes, because it was all blackmail. I can’t join issues with blackmailers. And I just concluded such is life. Life is a teacher, the longer you live the more you learn. It just shows the extent to which people can go to blackmail someone.
Being whom I am, I always believe in God and that no matter how devilish a person may be, he can’t destroy the work of God in me. And whosoever God has placed in high places, nobody can pull her down.
All these allegations, I don’t know the objective but I guess it’s a calculated attempt to bring me down by all negative forces. I just decided to keep quiet because you are being spoken of because you are relevant.

  • Who is your blackmailer, is it your first husband?

I don’t know. And I am not interested in knowing. All I am interested in knowing is God. However, all I can say is that when God is working on, no man can destroy such work.

  • Your marriage was secret. All we heard was that you had remarried and next you were about delivery, why the secrecy and hush hush?

Obviously, I love my life to be as private as possible. If anybody felt its a bad choices, he’s entitled to his own opinion. My opinion is that since I am a popular entertainer and a public figure, I deserve my private life which is reserved exclusively to me alone.
There should be a limit to my public life. I don’t believe in advertising my private life. Also, I don’t celebrate failure. I cherish my family and I don’t want anybody to shatter my home. My home and private life should be reserved for me. It is not for public consumption.

  • You said you don’t celebrate failure, are you referring to your failed marriage?

I just don’t celebrate failure. I believe in the good and bad part of life. That means if its rough today, it could be well tomorrow. Thus, if you don’t have such a mindset, you begin to find things so difficult.

  • How would you describe the new marriage?

You can’t change who I am. I don’t talk about my marriage. I can’t talk about my love. I just don’t find it convenient discussing my love. It’s nobody’s business. I am in love, good. I am remarried, good. I have a new kid, good, I am who I am, good, I am contented and I am so happy with my life. Thus, anybody who is not happy with my new found joy should go to hell.

  • When the brouhaha was going on, your previous husband made several allegations against you and called you several derogatory names, what’s your take on these stuff?

I was nursing my baby when it all began. I was in a joyous mood and proud of who I am. I was grateful to God for what He was doing, thus I never noticed all he was saying. That’s the simple truth. I don’t ever want to notice anything.

  • What’s the lesson learnt?

Nothing sincerely, I was not bothered.

  • Would you describe your previous marriage as good riddance to bad rubbish?

I won’t talk about that marriage. Never!

  • What are you working on now?

On November 24, 2013, my production company will come up with the official album launch of my artists, T Code. And we would hit location very soon with two new movies I shot partly abroad while nursing my baby boy in America. They are entitled Iron Lady and America Psycho. They would hit the cinema soon.





  1. most of you actress are not teaching values . so who is going to buy those movies. adultress. remarrying without devoice. Ole olojukokoro,


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