IMAGINE !!!! The Rich Men In Nigeria And Their Private Jets

According to a story by Encomium magazine, Bishop David Oyedepo, Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Dr. Mike Adenuga are among the top 10 Nigerian billionaires who will pay hundreds of millions of naira annually as luxury tax due to the imposition of a whooping $4,000 luxury tax by Aviation Ministry on private jet owners and operators per departure.

Some of these super rich Nigerians make use of their jets 3/4 times in a week either within or outside Nigeria and for every trip, it’s a cool $4, 000 tax.

According to our sources, among the four jets owned by Bishop Oyedepo (Gulfstream V and G550, Bombardier and Gulfstream G430), he uses three regularly personally and for his missionary work. Thus, his luxury tax annually will be an average of N399 million.  Alhaji Aliko Dangote who has three private jets in his hanger will also pay an average of N399 million per annum.  Dr. Mike Adenuga, Jnr, whose Falcon 7x and Bombardier jet are used for personal and business purpose should pay an average of N266 million.  Governor Rotimi Amaechi and his Akwa Ibom counterpart, Governor Godswill Akpabio would shell out an average of N166.4 million annually.  Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor falls into the same category of N166.4 million naira payer.  Meanwhile, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, Jide Omokorie and Ifeanyi Ubah would pay an average of N133 million annually, while Jimoh Ibrahim falls within the N100 million category.  Furthermore, the richest woman in Nigeria, Folorunsho Alakija would spend N66 million on luxury tax.

Findings by Encomium Weekly revealed that the top 10 private jet owners who would cough millions annually on the new luxury tax are below.

The clash of the titans between the Federal Government and private jet owners reached a crescendo with the imposition of the $4,000 luxury tax on private jet owners and operators per departure.  A memo was sent to all private jet operators stating that Nigerian registered private jets would henceforth pay $3,000 for every departure, while foreign registered private jets would pay $4,000.

+ List of top 10 payers
   NAME                               NO. OF JETS            LUXURY TAX ANNUALLY    
1         Bishop Oyedepo                        4                      N399 million
2          Alhaji Dangote                          3                      N399m
3          Dr. Mike Adenuga                    2                      N266m
4          Gov. Rotimi Amaechi              1                      N166m
5          Gov. Godswill Akpabio           1                      N166m
6          Ayo Oritsejafor                         1                      N166m
7          Pastor Adeboye                        1                       N133m
8          Jide Omokore                           1                       N133m
9          Ifeanyi Ubah                            1                       N133m
10         Jimoh Ibrahim                        1                      N100m


  1. O boy, how do u do ur callculation na?, u said
    3-4 trips in a wk, so, if we take 4 per wk, then = 4 x 4000 =$16,000. = ~NGN2.576M in a week.
    Then, if u multiply 2.576M by 4, (for a month) u have 2576000 x 4 = NGN10.304M
    For 1 year, it should b 10.304M x 12
    = NGN123,648,000.
    So i don’t know how u got 399M per annum. Put me through.

  2. When one gets to certain Sociallevel or class, then you’ll know & appreciate d need to own a private jet,I feel Govt’s decision is in line with international standards,at d same time, d Govt should improve d citizens standard of living & wake up to it’s responsibilities. Enough of unfair criticisms of d wealthy people in our society, instead, let’s appreciate their positive contributions particularly in d area of decreasing d unemployment market.

  3. There is nothing wrong in being owner of private jets provided it is bought through genuine source of fund. Its an enjoyment of. One’s hard work. What is disturbing is for civil servants like govs to own jets at the detriment of the state development. Such elected people should concentrate on improving the status of their people rather than becoming self centered. Pastors should first evangelise the citizens before undertaking foreign evangelism. I want to belief that some of them undertake business trips rather than spiritual voyage. We have enough domestic problems that should be the concern of the pastors if their mission is centred on wining souls