Jonathan’s National Dialogue A Fraudulent Exercise – Shehu Sani

Shehu_SaniForemost northern Human Rights Activist and President of the Civil Rights Congress (CRC), Shehu Sani on Friday said that the proposed national dialogue by President Goodluck Jonathan is a farce as it is only aimed at placating agitators of a Sovereign National Conference and not to address the core issues bedeviling the country.

In a statement in Kaduna on Friday, Sani said that the proposed national dialogue is doomed to fail from the beginning as it will only provide the avenue for northerners and southerners to engage in prolonged session of overheated sectionalist debates and give the government a window of opportunity to perfect its plans for the 2015 elections.

While describing the proposed dialogue as a charade, Sani said “the national conference idea of the President Jonathan’s government is nothing but a fraudulent exercise mischievously conceived to rubbish and bastardize the genuine idea of a sovereign National Conference as propagated by other progressive Nigerians over the Years”.

According to him, “President Goodluck Jonathan’s conference is a journey to eldorado as it will neither take us out of the hell of our national woes nor deliver us to the paradise of our dreams. It is primarily aimed at appeasing the advocates of the conference and not achieving its ideal purpose.


“President Goodluck Jonathan’s conference is a deceptive exercise aimed at diverting the attention of the nation away from the prevalent moral crisis and failure of governance, by engaging the nation in a meaningless and endless debate about a wishful future.

“The National conference of president Jonathan will only engage northerners and southerners in a prolong session of overheated sectionalists and chauvinists debate while given the regime a respite to strategise for the 2015 elections.

“The economy has collapsed, the universities remain shut, residents doctors are threatening to down tools, states are bankrupt, Nigerians are killed and kidnapped, oil is stolen, corruption is at its highest level, these are the issues President Jonathan’s conference is aimed at diverting.

“Those who think that the oppressed can be free through a dialogue process organized by the oppressor and on its own terms, lives in a fool’s paradise; Nowhere in history and nowhere in the world has the oppressors willingly sits down with the oppressed, on same table and surrender their class privileges and structures of power and plunder without a bitter revolutionary struggle.”

-The Nation


  1. Sani, if i may ask u, who is the oppressd? The north or south, or the people of nigeria. You re terrible distrator. This same sani is so cynical to national issues and is only propogating a northern agenda. its you thats meant to fail. you will see.


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