Keshi Explains Comments on Re-Grassed Pitch.

Super Eagles head coach Stephen Keshi has shed more light on his much publicized comment on the status of the newly re-grassed pitch of the Abuja National Stadium.

The coach, who was speaking at a media briefing on Wednesday, insists his comments weren’t meant to be derogatory as portrayed by the media, stressing they were uttered to highlight some lapses he noticed at the venue during Super Eagles’ Tuesday afternoon session.

“In was responding to a question by a reporter and what I said was that the Stadium is not bad but still have some work to do. I am surprised that it has become Keshi condemning the entire process of stadium repairs,” he said.

It was widely reported in most sections of the media that the coach said the re-grassed pitch was below standard.

Stephen Keshi.
Stephen Keshi.

He however believes the team will adapt to the bumping pitch at the Ykdachew Tessema Stadium when the Super Eagles lineup against the Walyas Antelopes in Addis Ababa on Sunday.

“My players are professionals and they will be ready for any pitch that the Ethiopians will have on offer, because at this level we don’t offer excuses,” noted Keshi.


  1. Our people do not want to hear the truth. Those that gave the contract will not want to hear it either. The reason is obvious: they have collected their cut. Why crucify Keshi for speaking the truth?

  2. Keshi is not in any position to make such controversial statement, trust our press men and women what they feed on ussually is bad news nd once you give them one they interpret it to suit themselves. Away from that, it’s clear that the said pitch is just been regrassed as such needs time to mature to what we think it should be, perharps Keshi is not a professional in field regrassing so can not state for sure the state of the pitch. If the commission has anything to hide am sure the request made to the comm. by NFF to grant the Super Eagles opportunity to train on the newly regrassed pitch wouldn’t have been granted let’s all face fact abeg!

  3. Keshi is not speaking any truth, does he expect that the pitch over night becomes stamford bridge or emirate stadia or what? the comm. Made its position clear on the matter that work is still on going on the said regrassed pitch. I think Keshi should be cautioned against making such derogatory statement in the media against he employers next time


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