Man Lost In Forest Survives On Algae, Snakes and Lizards For 19 Days



A brave hunter managed to keep himself alive on just algae, snakes and lizards for 19 days after he got lost in the Mendocino National Forest in California.

Gene Penaflor was found by a group of hunters on Saturday having kept himself alive on the reptiles and plants alone, the Ukiah Daily Journal reported.

Gene, from San Francisco, had gone deer hunting with a friend 19 days earlier when they split up to flank a deer from both sides, Penaflor’s son Jeremy told the Ukiah paper.

They had decided to meet a few hours later for lunch but Gene never turned up.

While making his way down a ridge, the 72-year-old had slipped on a steep slope and hit his head, knocking him out, the Daily Journal reported.

When he awoke he didn’t know where he was, and was too weak to move very far.

He had his hunting rifle, but didn’t have the energy to use it, so he was forced to survive on smaller animals and lizards that he could find nearby.