Men Missing Fóreskin Fume On Forums


Ever felt like there was something missing in your life? Probably not as much as these circumcised men.

In certain corners of the internet, men are fuming about their beloved fóreskin being taken away at birth and desperately trying to get it back.

A report by The Kernel Magazine described the different lengths some men are going to in an effort to get their extra pénis-skin back. But to understand the how, it’s first important to understand the why.

On online forums, including, users share their personal plight.

give_it_back: “…we have to violently beat our díck only to get that one second bliss at the end.”

StopTheCycle: “Circumcisers are a special breed of coward. They are sadistic cowards, who get off from the helpless nature of their victims.”

Many users express animosity towards their parents for the removal of their extra skin.

Suicidal123: “I hate them. They think ignorance is an excuse. If they hadn’t ruined my life in many other ways, maybe I could have forgiven them, but it’s like they deliberately had me so they could destroy me.”

wayfarer: “What pisses me off is how proud my mom is to this day about giving a “natural” birth, not taking pain pills or anything and then moments after my birth getting part of my penis amputated. Seriously mom?”

For many, being circumcised affects their love life.

EmbitteredCrusader: “Am I the only person offended at the thought of someone being more attracted to me, because of my disfigurement.”

Sky7: “If anyone thinks that my physical scarring and loss from having been séxually violated makes me look better/neat to them as opposed to natural looks, they are obviously not my type.”

Men looking to restore their foréskin often try a number of methods, including stretching out their existing skin.

While many just use their hands to gradually stretch the skin, others attach weights.

afrm: “I use a pill tube with a weight attached to the lid that puts on more tension. I have noticed that I sometimes start to feel a very uncomfortable feeling in my gróin around the ly.mph node areas and right above the pénis at the pelvis.”

Despite the more than 17,000 registered users on protesting circumcision, the American Academy of Pediatrics says circumcision does not affect séxual satisfaction. The AAP also mentions health benefits of circumcision, including the “prevention of urinary tract infections, acquisition of HIV, transmission of some séxually transmitted infections, and penile cancer.”