My 43-Yr-Old Sister Is A Virgin & Unmarried, Does She Have A Problem?

I’m worried about my sister. She is 43 years old, a Virgin and unmarried.


For the marriage part we are believing God he will do something in her life.

Although she still a virgin, she has boyfriends but its not like she has them to have fun or sexual intimacy.

My problem is that she does not disclose to anyone what she’s passing through, and how can we help her if she doesn’t let people in. I’m bothered about her because at this rate she might still be dating after 6 years or  more without getting married.

Please I want to know if there’s something wrong with her and how to help her out or do you think I’m just over-reacting?


  1. She is still young beautiful as though she was just in her early thirty. let the guys she keep as a,her friends,be the serious types,that has the intention to marry. don’t keep guys that are only mere friends,that give every other serious guy at there, around you,the impression,that you are in a serious relationship when you are not. Just know the kind of male friend that suit your personal state now, please be wise. this also show’s,our men are not, seeing but blind?for if you have wisdom, you won’t wait to this age, to be a laughing stock again, after, you might have done the right thing,from the on set. for you are an example of woman hood to be encourage. for as I speak with you,I see you laugh,your man is locatig you,amen.

  2. Is there anything wrong with that? This how you guys go looking for trouble in eliens territories… Is your sister complaining that she’s still a virgin @ 43? Have you not heard of the lives of our saints? If how then do you think they did it? Even the bible says; some of these people will remain eunochs for the sake of the word of God, but others will be because, some other person cause them to…knowing not the motive of your sister, you went castigating her publicly…thats not how things are done my dear. She’s old enough to know what is good for her.

  3. Nigeria,or the society in which we live in has made it a pre-requisite or compulsory for a woman in her 20s at least to be married.
    Now dis isn’t a bad thing in itself but it becomes really wrong where a girl passed her 20s isn’t married and she is looked at as nothing or like d above,people wonder if thr is something wrong with her.
    Have we stopped to think first of all dat maybe the right person for her hasn’t come yet? Each person to his own.some may get married at 18,some 25,some 30.does it really matter at what age they do? Isn’t it better to know u r with someone u can be with for real than settling for anyone dat comes all cuz of pressure on u?
    Have we stopped to think for a moment that these women may want to get married earlier but one thing or d other has held them back.
    Let us not be too quick to declare dat witches r troubling them from d village.
    If a woman just needs d ryt qualities in a man(u knw dem,godliness,hardworking..etc) and one hasn’t come,she may be waiting for him to come instead of taking any dick and harry dat comes her way.and to me,we shouldn’t fault her for dat.
    So no,I do not think anytin is wrong wt ur sister,if u try askn her wats up in a way dat she knows u care and u r nt condemning her,u can find out wat d issue is,like u said,u don’t even knw if she is in a relationship.
    She may also be keeping mute bcuz she feels u guys will castigate her for such a thing as her being unmarried at 43,so to her she may rather keep quiet than receive insults.dat maybe her own way to resolve things.
    U can speak to her,lovingly and gently.she may want to get married and d man hasn’t come,she may b in a relationship,she may not even want to get married,either ways u can never know except u ask her since its so important to u.
    That said,I did a post on dis kind of issue on my blog,u can check it out… http://

  4. As regards her being a virging,d fact dat she isn’t married or doesn’t av a man doesn’t mean dat she should gv her body to any1 just to satisfy sexual urges that are what? 15 mins at most? And suffer d consequences for ever?
    Aside frm d fact dat premarital sex is a sin for christians and she may not want to engage in such,she may also b preserving her body for her self dignity and her husband(maybe)
    Our bodies are sacred,we don’t have to open our holies of holies to evry man or gv it for free just to relieve urges.
    I applaud her for dis,its rare to find such a woman dat she keeps herself!
    Btw,Kumuyi’s 2nd wife was also a virgin at 65 wen kumuyi married her.
    Dats purity at its peak and God knows we need more of dat in d lives of d young teens and youths 2day,God help us all.

  5. Infact, d sister could have approached her sisterwith love and find out what is wrong rather than making it public. She may actually want to settle down long time ago but it did not work out the way she planned. No woman that wants to marry will be happy at 43 unmarried. Pls approach ur sister, try to find at what the problem with her is and see hw to solve it. With God all things are possible to them that believes.

  6. Your story is difficult to believe! How can a lade of 43 years be a virgin and still not engaged or having serious relationship? Is she a nun or reverend sister? What has she been doing all her life? Was she sick or put out of circulation?

    Definitely she has both problems that could be physical, spiritual, psychological etc

    Let her go for deliverance in a good church and get down into serious life plan. Otherwise, she should remain as she is because time is passing fast on her…

  7. If she z a christian, who prays so much, definitely, she must be waiting for the right man, cos wats d benefit of marrying early nd divorcing in the later future, I tink she z wise buh, pls d only tin u can do is pray for her.