N144 Million Halts NFF Relocation.

The General Secretary of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), Musa Amadu says the federation cannot move into its newly-commissioned headquarter because of a crash crunch.

Reports had earlier suggest it would be difficult for the NFF to move into the complex soon after its commission.

This concerns were confirmed last Sunday to members of the House of Representative Committee on Sports by Amadu.

“Last year, we made a case to be given a capital N144 million to be used to furnish our new headquarter.

The Newly-Commissioned NFF Building.
The Newly-Commissioned NFF Building.

“The PTF graciously gave us a new football house which was commissioned in July,” Amadu said.

“It has been well over two months and we have not been able to move a single chair into the building because it is a brand new one.

“We were surprised that not a single penny was voted for capital in the Federation’s 2013 budget.

“So as much as we want to move into our new football house and conduct our business, we are constructed by resources.”


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