National Conference’s Diversionary, A Bridge To Nowhere – CNPP

NigeriaStatesMapBThe Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, has urged the National Assembly to halt the proposed national conference, describing it as a journey to nowhere.

In a statement signed by its national publicity secretary, Chief Osita Okechukwu and made available to journalists, the CNPP said, “We are making this call to halt the proposed national conference, which from all intents and purposes is diversionary, a bridge to nowhere and which might be hijacked by ethnic merchants.

“The truth of the matter is that the greatest happiness of Nigerians will not be achieved by the loose conference, for ethnic merchants dominate the 13-Man Prep-Committee and its intendment is not sovereign.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Nigeria has never since after the civil war been as divided as now; we are in no doubt at tipping-point of frustration and rudderless leadership”.

The statement added that “the solution to pervasive corruption, crass inequality, gross unemployment and mass poverty is not a conference bridge to nowhere”.

Buttressing its point for the cancellation of the conference announced by President Goodluck Jonathan in his Independence Day anniversary nationwide address, CNPP noted that “Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Professor Awalu Yadudu and other patriots had decried this unnecessary building of bridge to nowhere.

“It is not only going to split discussion into tribal jargons, but will not achieve critical legislations which Senator Mark promised to Nigerians on 6th June 2011, during his inaugural speech as the second term president of the senate and chairman of the National Assembly.

“The charter he reeled out then, like the Magna Charter of 1225, remains relevant today and can be legislated by the National and State Assemblies to strengthen our federation, strengthen our economy, strengthen our institution, reduce cost of governance, and fight corruption”.

CNPP, therefore, called on the Senate President, David Mark “to bail out President Jonathan and Nigerians by honouring the covenant he made to Nigerians, instead of supporting a conference bridge to nowhere”.


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