Nike Oshinowo’s Estranged Husband Says Twins Story Not True


Nike Oshinowo’s estranged husband is obviously in the dark about her new adventure because I personally called Nike to do amebo congratulate her on the birth of her twins, she nicely said thank you then rudely told me to bug off…lol. So yeah, Nike has a set of twins which she welcomed via a surrogate mum many weeks back…but a clueless Dr Tunde Soleye says the story is not true.

He told Encomium mag

“I don’t believe it is true. The story is false. They are just trying to sell their papers, I guess. Nike might have a challenge but this is the last thing she can do. She doesn’t have any twins through surrogacy”. Dr Soleye maintained that the story is the figment of the imaginations of desperate tale bearers.

Source: LIB


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