Nollywood Actor Shot Dead 3 Weeks After His Wedding

flavian-actorAn Edo born Nollywood actor, Flavian Okojie has been reportedly shot dead in Benin city by unknown gunmen, three weeks after his wedding.

Flavian and former EBS but now NTA(Benin)presenter Omo-kivie Adeola got married barely three weeks ago.

He was also a staff of Edo State Board of Internal Revenue.

His wife shared the information via her Facebook page.

Flavian on set of a movie with his colleagues.
May his soul R.I.P. Amen


  1. so so so sad my dear sista, rest ur case in GOD ,s hands, He Wl Comfort U Nd bring d culprits 2 bk!!! try hv a lasting relationship wit JESUS CHRIST , d best friend 2 hv! HIM alone can heal dis scar!

  2. Death where is thou power… Very dishearten! My dear is a very hard time 2 face, cuz its the waste sorrowful moment in a human’s life….. But u really have 2 take hrt cuz its inevitable, and also a price which evry1 must pay.. But all we’re asking God is 2 live 2 our expected end by fatherin our children children.. Pls do take hrt and put your hope in God cuz him alone knws the best… I’m so sorry!

  3. So so sad hmmmmmm God u seen in secret & know in secret may thy will b done, may is soul rest in perfect peace & may d Almighty Allah gives d wife & d family d mind to bear d lost. Amen

  4. What a world we are in, sorry my sister and take heart. Pls try to embrace the throne of grace of our lord Jesus christ, he is the only hope to the hopeless. God bless and protect u. Amen

  5. So dishearten, My sister I pray God comfort you at this trial time. May his killers never know peace, may they never no the comfort of sleep. Be strong and God will be ur strength.

  6. What a painful lost?pls,accept my condolence to the on timely death of ur beloved husband.I prayd that our Almighty God ‘ll give u the heart to bear the loss and brought the culprit to justice.


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