Open Letter To Maheeda: The Prostitute Who Became Born Again Then Went Back To Her Old Ways

gmaheeda1In not more than 200 words I’d like to tell you what I think of you and your recent abuse of social networks. If I should allow myself to use more words than that you’d hate my very existence. So I’d keep it as short as possible.


You’ve taken the exercising of the term ‘freedom of expression’ a bit too far. I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that you were once a gospel musician, what kinda gospel music were you singing, sexual gospel? Huh?


Will you please kindly kindly kindly stop bombarding our eyes and spoiling our spiritual fasts (Yes! We are still God fearing, unlike you) via social networks with pictures of your after one, not so hot but manageable body, graphic and explicit suggestions that make ‘places’ rise.

Show off your shoes and not your panties and No! We don’t want to see your hooties.
And try to promote your music and not your nudies. :-D


N.B: I’m not a fan of yours, just a fan of good music..

Yours Faithfully,

Concerned fan.

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  • These Maheeda or what ever she calls herself was sent by her mistress n their aim is to lue foolish men who derives pleasure in opening her Boobs n panties page,n ladies who will want to imitate also.Chei if only she knew dt HELL and HEAVEN is real.The grace of God is still available Now.

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