PDP Will Celebrate The Day When Amaechi ‘Dares’ To Leave The Party – Wike

The Supervising Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, stated he would celebrate the day when the Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi and his followers leave Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


Speaking during a rally organised by the Grassroots Development Initiative in Port Harcourt, Wike advised Amaechi and his supporters to join another party, adding that PDP would resist any attempt to rig the 2015 election:

“If you think you are so popular, why not join another party. The day they join another party, we will do thanksgiving. We will have to celebrate their exit and we will tell them that nobody can rig elections in Rivers State.”

“The day you dare it, is the day you see the consequences. We are going to resist any attempt to say that our votes will not count. Everybody is jittery. Why are they jittery? We are not worried, they are worried.”

The minister further said that the support for President Goodluck Jonathan in the Niger Delta was not based on any condition, but because he (Jonathan) had done well.

However, Wike was opposed by the Chief of Staff, Government House,Chief Tony Okocha, who said the Minister should bother about the capital flight and the attendant brain-drain and not to visit the state every weekend to oil his campaign outfit.

“Rivers people are wiser. Wike’s ranting every weekend in Rivers State leaves much to be imagined especially as the country is relapsing to the Dark Age. “As supervising Minister for Education, it should have been reasonable for him to bother about the fact that students roam the streets and take to heinous crimes because of a protracted strike by lecturers.

It will be recalled, that on August 31, a new faction, led by Kawu Baraje and consisting of seven of the party’s governors, including Amaechi, had announced that it has taken over the party. However, two weeks ago, Abuja High Court ordered Kawu Baraje-led faction of the PDP, known as ‘new PDP’, to stop parading itself as a parallel faction of the party.


  • I think people need to tell this minister his functions as he cares free about students sitting at home.Am very sure,if he meets Rotimi Ameachi,he will advice him on possible way out in solving FG/ASUU face off.Rotimi is an inteligent gov.

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