Peeshawn Of Skuki, Confesses Love For Chidinma In Interview With Encomium

Skuki isn’t your most popular group in Nigeria, but they get their due recognition too.

Petite singer, Chidinma has been recently surrounded by a lot of different love interests this year.

Peeshawn, one half of duo group Skuki (pictured above in white shirt), confessed his love for the pretty Kedike singer in an interview with Encomium mag.

Read excerpts below: –

*But,there are some you also admire that you don’t mind spending the rest of your life with?
Yes, of course! Nigeria is blessed with pretty babes. If you study me well, you will observe that I am a very romantic guy, at the same time, I am very emotional. I definitely have someone that I love so much.

*In the industry or out of the industry?
(Pause for seconds) In the industry, I have someone I really love so much.

*Who is the lucky lady?
(Pauses again) Chidinma. She’s really attractive. I really love her so much, but we’ve not really had time to chat closely, except when we meet backstage during shows. I hope she will read this, for her to know that Peeshaun of Skuki loves her.

*But Chidinma doesn’t read newspapers. She told us in an interview recently?
I am sure her friends, family will read it. They will definitely tell her I said so. I will love to marry her.

*Are you serious?
Yes, of course!

*What do you really like about Chidinma?
First, I love her music. I love her style. I love her composure. Apart from that, what I love in a woman is a beautiful face and I think Chidinma has 10/10 of that. The low cut on her head is making her look more beautiful anytime I see her performing or watch her video.

*Are you directly or indirectly proposing to her?
I don’t want to talk about that now. Next question, please

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