PHOTO: Nigeria Police Explains The Picture That Shows Senior Officer Fondling Lady’s Bosom

The Nigeria Police has described the photograph, which showed a senior police officer in the act of fondling the breast of an unknown lady, as fake. It said the picture, which went viral on the Internet, was deliberately fabricated with the aid of Adobe Photoshop technology to mislead the public.


The alleged amorous scene, the police authorities claimed, did not take place and the officer had nothing to do with the woman.

The police said it arrived at this conclusion after interrogating the policeman, who was seen in the type of uniform worn by officers of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

On the official Facebook page of the police, the affected police officer was quoted as saying, “I don’t know this lady. I never took the picture with her.”

However, the authorities did not name the police officer nor give the details of the command where he is serving.

The police said that though it does not forbid its rank and file to pose with members of the public for photographs, it would not tolerate any display of affection for the opposite sex in full public glare.

“An image showing one of our officers in a compromising position with a lady has gone viral. Please check the hands in the so-called picture that is in circulation and you will agree that they were photo-shopped.

“Other citizens of this country are encouraged to pose for snapshots with our uniformed officers if they so desire, just as it is done worldwide. What we discourage is public display of affection by our uniformed officers,” it said.

After it appeared online, the controversial photograph provoked widespread condemnation from many Nigerians who have described the development as an act of indiscipline.

Claiming to be policemen, some people wrote on the police Facebook page that the phot0graph was the handiwork of mischief makers, who were clearly determined to drag the name of the security agency in mud.

They said that no uniformed officer of the rank of ACP would  be so careless as to pose for a photograph in such a compromising position with a lady.

One Oluwasegun Samuel-Alalade commented on the wall of the Facebook page. “I know it is not real. Even a fresh recruit undergoing training at the Police College will not do such a thing, not to mention a top ranking officer. The Nigeria Police Force should kindly disregard the photograph, “ he wrote.

Also Kabiesy Ojeabulu wrote, “Photoshop or no Photoshop, all I have to say is that the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, should always investigate issues before taking actions. It appears that a large section of the general public does not like the police. So they fabricate anything to tarnish our image. God help us all.”

Another policeman, Adegbola Olafiyin, stated, “I don’t know the offence we committed to deserve this from the public. Imagine here in the state where I am serving, commercial motorcycle riders will not give you a ride despite the fact that you have your money. This whole thing amounts to blackmail.”

But some Nigerians have disagreed with the police authorities on the status of the controversial photograph. They insist that it appears more real than fabricated.

On, one Lanre Bewaji wrote: “There are many angles to this picture. It is obvious the lady took the picture and the officer consented to it. No matter how awkward the scenario looks, if the lady was his wife or fiancée, would there be an issue? Until we know the real circumstances behind this picture, the matter is neither here nor there!”

In a tweet to the police, Hyke Ekeanyanwu expressed doubt that the photograph was faked. He said, “I may agree that the hand holding the breast was photo-shopped, but I will not agree that the hand around his (police officer’s) neck does not belong to the lady.”

Wale Bolanle, also on Facebook, queried,“What do you want us to believe? What else do you want him to say? He must surely deny. Is he not a human being?”

Meanwhile, the police authorities may have drawn the battle line with commercial banks in the country over the non-payment of the salaries of policemen.

The Force Headquarters wrote on its Facebook and Twitter handle on Wednesday that then Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, was “angry” with the banks over the matter.

“IGP MD Abubakar, is angry with bankers over delay in payment of Police salaries,” the message read.

Lamenting the situation, one Samuel Dogo, wrote, “The police authorities have allowed the commercial banks to deal with us the way they want because there is no proper monitoring. Nobody wants to know whether we have families and other dependants that are looking up to us for their upkeep.

“The police has the highest rates of deaths and causalities among security agencies in the country. In spite of our tireless efforts to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians, we are not appreciated. We earn the least salaries. Yet, we struggle so hard to ensure that this money is paid at the right time. If I may ask, is it a curse to be a policeman?

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. I don’t blame all those defending this shameless act. When a woman puts her arm around the neck of a man, what’s that called? Is it not a show of affection? Don’t drag PHOTOSHOP into this, bcos you know nothing about graphics. The pictures clearly shows that the lady took the shot with her right hand, while the left is hooked around the neck of the officer. The officer, obviously carried away by her body contact decided to fondle with her bosom. Also bear in mind that the “two” were alone, because if there was a third party (photographer) the officer would have acted in the best way possible. Who even knows what happened after this picture was taken? Photoshop ko, adobe ni.

  2. It is shameful and stupid to try to explain away with the wave of the hand such glaring and convincing picture as this. In fact, it is even annoying to think that one could excuse such a shameful act by a high ranking officer of the Nigeria Police.The Nigeria Police should not mistake the world as being stupid. The Nigeria Police should be ashamed of itself for trying to cover this act up.

  3. This lady, whatever she intends to achieve from this is best known to her. Well, I don’t solely blame her. Men have found it fun posting their girlfriends’ nude pictures on the internet so girls/ladies want to revenge. On the other hand, she might just want to be noticed as being a friend of a big police officer.

  4. what is the big deal about a police officer fondling a lady who is matured to mother a lot of children. i have not read a comment that identify a section of the law that was contravened. moreover is that the cause of the problem in the country. we are all having misplaced priorities trying to crucify police while we leave so many life threatening issues unattended to. haba naija.

  5. This is not photoshped,the blurriness of the police man’s hand was an effect of the movement of his hands on the lady’s breast. this issue is supposed to be given a serious investigation,even if the officer is havin any relationship with the lady,it shouldnt be while on duty.he has disgraced the nigerian police internationally,just as his brother, who couldnt give the website of the govermental body where he serves

  6. Photoshop ko, Adobe chop ni.. Oya lets analyse this together: All light shadows and angles matched…The light reflection on his forehead , reflections on his glasses, the light angle matches the lady’s shadow on his uniform, shadow on his collar, etc. abt the hand u claimed has been altered, in still image, “u dont get a perfect focus on a moving object, thus the blurry image picked by the camera”. So, Police, this is not PHOTOSHOP…u are not addressing nonentities..


  8. The statement by the Nigerian police clearly shows that they don’t know anything about the computer. it shows how dumb they are which is why they can not investigate any case to a logical conclusion. It is a big shame….

  9. Oga police eh, wetin be dis eh….
    all this olosho girls sef….
    what a mess!
    these is ogbanje disturbing Nigerians either fotoshop or kiosk, why should a Nigerian do this?
    1. pose for a picture like this
    2. photoshop such picture
    Nigerians, lets respect ourselves

  10. Two things that I see is what would make every body see that this picture is totally fake and with malice. Now, look at the officer`s left hand by where the wrist watch is, there is no natural continuety of the arm. The hand of the lady on the officers shoulder is not the hand of the lady in question. This time the Police is being hunted. WHY? I don’t know O!

  11. Na wa o.
    Police and silly excuses. U catch a tif today, e vanishes into thin air tmoro and u still open those rotten cavitiez and say u don’t knw hw it happens.
    Are Nigerians foolish? Are u sayin ur silly lame excuses can buy us over? I’m personally offended for u to hv allowed dis excuse to be vomited frm u guyz. Admit it, body no be firewood, u fondle her bossom, dem go crucify u? For tryin to call us fools wit ur excuse is d annoying sorry tale.
    Vagabonds in Power.

  12. This pic is real. There is no two ways abt it.the officer was carried away and failed to realise he was on uniform to hv snapped such pic in such manner wt d lady. Maybe he no gv d lady money again nd she decided to post it on Internet

  13. dey neva caught a criminal witout a gun………..dey neva caught a kidnapper without a victim in her custody……no wori…..handless police officer……i know your hand got missing in action…….DIA…..Disabled in action….or ar u recruited a handicap…..abubakar no defend am coz he don choko choko finish……u knw say u b my guy

  14. That is not foto shopped…its real and that girl is a hoe dat I know..she is on facebook and she is a uniben student. What am suprice about is dat she has gone far..even to d polish force…she is a bini girl…I knw her…stop lying to d public…her photos wheb she sat in dat office is in her facebook page, which she uploaded 2months ago…

  15. Photoshop or nt, police officers shud change 4rm dier bad ways..hw do u xpect d public nt 2 bliv it wen u pple also arrest innocent ones nd leave d criminals unpunished..besides dat sef, most officers r known 4 illegal sexual activities.

  16. This is a photoshop work, d girl is fake, even d photoshop is not perfect, am not a police officer, but let say th truth, if u knw graphics then you will knw this is photoshop. Imagine the length of the hand round the officer neck, is too short also the hand is too straight not perfect, even d oda hand used to snap is too straight, more evidence will be need to nail d police…to me this is fake, need more conviction

  17. Police men can lie sha ! are we blind ni , this girl took a selfie with the officer and that was it ..! the man cant
    resist the selfie bcos of the mood he was at that particular moment. they can take Nigerians for fool sha …

  18. This is an objective and true position of the Nigerian Police, we have more criminals in the Police than any other sector in Nigeria today; particularly the Badge of police I called Obasanjo Police, that were recruited within that era without proper vetting are the ones sinking the image of the Nigeria Police. In three different occasions I have been harass, threaten, corner and robbed by members of the Nigerian Police in Nigeria and when you report, the authorities of the police command will tell you there are not police men (fake police). The stories are always the same, they can’t admit and take responsibilities for their wrongs very typical of the Nigerian Police. Nigerians will continue to hate the police as long as they continue to harass, threaten defenceless civilians with their AK47 at various locations in the name of stop and search and thereby robbing them, & in most case murdering and blaming it on robbers, main while they are the robbers. In conclusion in spite of this regretful trend we still have good officers that stand out as professionals not minding the Judas among their numbers.