PHOTOS: Sign Of End Time?: Mysteriously Clothed Men Show Up In Different Parts Of The World

Some Strange things has been happening in several parts of the world recently as illuminated figures where projected over Sugarloaf mountain Brazil and eleven oddly dressed men have been seen in London,Germany and Italy.

It all started with a strange bio harzard sign in Two different parts of the world and #TheWinnerTakesEarth Sign In Brazil.

First was in Rio De janeiro’s Sugarloaf Mountain



And then in New York The symbol Appeared in Times Square

London England.

And in this last weekend Eleven hooded men have been spotted all over Europian football games from Italy (Juventus) to German (Bayern Munich) and including games in England.

What do you think is going on?




  1. This Are The Spy Of The Devil And A True Sign That The End Is Near. So All Should Repent Or Face Long Time Destruction Of Fire Burning With BrimeStone(Revelation22;8)

  2. The end is nt here yet. No panic ! We know wetiin bible talk Na oyibo phototrick. We can’t believe until ear hears and eye sees the apparition on zuma or olumo rocks. Scotland yard dey vacation, abi police finish 4 Britain to arrest d eleven hoodlums or abj they do no fear terror again.we dey Naija dey look bo! . ……… From.. Hammercane

  3. wif d luk of tins here, dis world z coming to an end. Nd if u read ur bible well enof u will see where its written dat, wen d world s coming to an end, all those terrible tins will be happening. May Godds helps us.

  4. Infact it is better to embrace Chirist, the one who died for our sake on the cross of clavary as our bible made it know that he is our saviour. HE shed His blood for my sake and urs. The world is turning to something else.

  5. Looking for attention, i’m sure dey must hav planned all dis 4 a long time.. Wat baffles me abt my fellow christians is dat any strange ting dat happen, dey say its end time and d world is about to end, wait a minute, has rapture happend? NO… B4 d world ends rapture must happened, so how com any strange tin dat happen u guys quickly say end time??? Hmmm.. Antichrist neva even com sef… I pity u peeps.. Wait 4 rapture to happpen b4 u say worl wants to end… Haba!!!

  6. we all knw d world is cuming to an end, we can see d signs everywhere. But i think those men nd d sign dey wer bearing is just a conspiracy from an unknown cult. D police shuld arrest dem nd check der profile in der data-base, or are dey untouchable?

  7. These are truely signs of end time.He dat is coming will come n’ HE’ll not tarry…My brothers n’ sisters let’s be prepared for we know not d time/hour our Saviour shall come lest He come n’ meet us unprepared..May we neva miss heaven on d last day iJn…Amen

  8. I dont know abot d other men dat appeared. But those men in d stadium are fans of a club in Germany, they are among d relegation club in Germany. I cant remba D name of d club now.

  9. This is just another harry porter tale.
    In our dear Naija, this is fake. Those guys are just planner or they are hungry.
    Another similar one is that of taking snap shot of ghost and/or Angels… U people forget that d physical CANNOT penetrate d spiritual; so how can a camera with all its physical elements snap d spiritual?
    Make una dey well ooo.

  10. my people what else do you want to see before you believe its end time????
    almost all that is said in the bible about end time are happening, dont be part of those the devil will close their eyes and hear to see and hear the truth.
    he that has ear let him hear oooo


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