Rihanna Attacked For Taking ”Inappropriate” Picture In Front Of A Mosque In Abu Dhabi

Pop star, Rihanna, was recently asked to leave an Abu Dhabi mosque after taking a series of photographs.

She was allegedly booted because she did not have permission for a photoshoot. The Staff at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque say they asked the singer to leave the compound after her actions were considered to be at odds with the ‘sanctity’ of the site.

Check out the pictures she posted:

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  1. she is an illuminati, who has already confessed to have a diva (mini god) in person of bouyence. infact she is not suppose to be there in the first place, though am sure she was there for a reason.look at how she stood and posed like she want to have sex or attracting others to look at her. they want to discrete the religion of islam and god willing she and her illuminati godfathers will not succeed.

  2. To me, A good and faithful muslimah would’nt have appeared in such manner. Posing while taking pictures in the front of the mosque is unethical to the tenet of Islam. So, it is unacceptable for any celebrity or individual to make jest or perform any act that against Islamic doctrine. Whosoever in support of the said celebrity acts has indeed involved in wrong doing which led to Allah’s wrath.

  3. Islam as religion has code of conduct, if you can’t abide by it you are not a muslim, and if you are not a muslim you stay away from mosque.


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