Senate Wades Into ASUU Strike, Calls Demands ‘Absolutely Unnecessary’


An end may be in sight for the four-month old strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) as the Senate, Wednesday, mandated its President, Senator David Mark, to engage both the federal government and ASUU with a view to ending the strike.

The senators, who urged the striking lecturers to return to the classroom to prevent what they described as further devaluation of the country’s educational fortunes, also mandated the committee on education to liase with the Federal Ministry of Education, National Universities Commission (NUC) and all other relevant stakeholders to proffer a lasting solution to the crisis.

The Senate’s resolution, which followed a motion sponsored by 107 senators and presented by Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba, recalled that ASUU had been on strike since July 1 in protest of federal government’s alleged failure to implement the 2009 agreement signed with lecturers for proper funding of the nation’s universities.

According to him, the Senate noted with concern that the strike had paralysed academic activities in the universities and consequently rendered the institutions redundant, stressing that several negotiations between the striking lecturers and the federal government along with the intervention of some prominent Nigerians have failed to produce the desired results.

Ndoma-Egba also revealed that despite the release of N100 billion for infrastructural development to the universities as well as additional N30 billion as accumulated allowances by the federal government, the lecturers have refused to be pacified, regretting that a situation where ASUU is on strike, Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) is also on strike and the College of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU) also recently embarking on seven days of warning strike is worrisome.

Presenting the details of ASUU’s demands as contained in the 2009 agreement with the federal government by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Education, Senator Uche Chukwumerije shocked his colleagues, with some of the demands of the union perceived as unnecessary.

Such demands include maternity leave allowance, sick leave allowance, injury allowance, car allowance, postgraduate (PG) grants for the supervision of PG students, external excess workload allowance, sabbatical leave allowance, teaching practice and industrial training allowance as well as funding of the state and federal universities.

The total sum of the demands by ASUU in figure, according to Chukwumerije, amounted to N1,05 trillion, adding that it was agreed that N5 billion would be released in 2009, another N5 billion in 2010, among others.

Speaking on the strike, Mark implored ASUU to return to the classroom on behalf of the Senate, saying he thought details of the agreement when being read by Chukwumerije were mere proposals in view of the degree of triviality involved.

According to him, the nature of the agreement showed that those who represented the federal government at the negotiation table where it was signed, were people who did not know their right from their left. He described the action as unfair to the nation.


  1. Was Chukwumerije reading the agreement upside down? I am shocked at this level of lies (if these are what he listed in the house), cause I have digested the 2009 agreement and most of the allowance he has mentioned are false, or is he in possesion of another agreement?.

    The allocation of 500bn per annum perhaps was negotiated and agreed by him, or his arithmetic may have failed him. I don’t see this strike ending if Gvt decides to adopt cheap blakmail instead of following the path of honour. God have mercy.

  2. Four months closure of all universities forSuch demands as maternity leave allowance, sick leave allowance, injury allowance, car allowance, postgraduate (PG) grants for the supervision of PG students, external excess workload allowance, sabbatical leave allowance, teaching practice and industrial training allowance as well as funding of the state and federal universities. I am so a shame of ASUU.

  3. I want to express with displeasure the handling of governmental affairs in this country. Pls the President of the Senate should respect the government representative and desist himself from expressing such an expression on people of high academic weight that represented the government, “According to him, the nature of the agreement showed that those who represented the federal government at the negotiation table where it was signed, were people who did not know their right from their left.” With due respect to you and your honourable office, I want to challenge the government of the day to be a realistic one and have a rethink about meeting all the demands of ASUU, because ASUU is fighting a good fight for the betterment of our tertiary educational system. ASUU keep it up and may God make us see the light at the end of the tunnel. FGN please have a rethink. ALUTA CONTINUA, VICTORIA ACERTA.

  4. sometym i wonda wht d so call leaders we hve take us for, how can a whole federal government 2 say dt those who representd dm during d meetin between asuu and the federal government in 2009 which d agreement was reachd are those who dont no they right and lift wht a lie even went further 2 list false agreement against asuu in orda 2 blackmail asuu my god judgment be on u all wicked learders of dis country. AMEN

  5. I feel its time we listen to ASUU’s side of the story before we draw conclusions. The market women, who may not have gone to any university, told us what they know about ASU sleeping with their 100 level students and extorting money from their children. The senate members are all well learned and respectable in the society. They have told us the agreement in 2009 involved funding education (primary schools where children sit under trees for classes, secondary schools, colleges of education, mono & polytechnics, research institutions and lastly, army, police and public universities) to the tone of 5 BILLION, not 3 as in the agreement, if I heard him well. WE listened to them! Before we nail ASUU, let them come to the public and tell us why they are making such “selfish” demands. Whatever we say about them, they taught or are teaching or will teach us. Even if they are crazy, lets hear them. Why must we be told what they say through a third party? They owe us a responsibility. I feel there is something we have not known or heard. Simple mathematics shows that earned allowances not paid over a period of 5 years amount to only 90 billions. That is 90/5 years and divide this again by some 50 or more institutions that benefited. That gives us less than 360 million a year. Divide that ,say by 500 lecturers in a university. What do you have? Is that more than what a senator pays his gardener? Is it the fault of ASU that the agreement was not kept? Why is emphasis on earned allowance and not on revitalization of all educational institutions? The 100 billion released, can the government tell us how it was shared? Hope rumour that even research institutions, army & police universities etc, who did not go on strike, got the money is true. Then that will be a great achievement for ASUU. ASUU keep it up until you see that the common man’s child too can get the quality of education the rich go to get overseas here in our own country and at all levels. Our elders say a coward ………

  6. I can only forgive an “ART student” who doesn’t know what research & training amounts in d field of Science,Engineering & Medical fields.Students of these Faculties are trained in a very dangerous environment in d sense dat they dnt see training equipment but only in text books.Now that Asuu stand firm in order to ensure that universities are upgraded to standard,I was absolutely shocked with some ridiculous comments made by some foolish studnts who are eager 2 graduates with empty heads.pls if u can’t help,then keep shut.whether u lyk it or nt Asuu is fighting 4 ur interest in order 2 restore d past glory of Nigerian University.Be it there allowance or something else!

  7. Yea m a sci student but dat wn’t mak asuu to hold d strike up til dis extent is uncald 4.dou we nid standard qualities in universities we still do nt wnt to b at four mnths nw and we are dam tired of it y cn’t d asuu start wit d half payment bin given to dem dan holdn it and makin we student luk morose,dwncastd and even more worried abt it .yes we nid gud tools,equipment and so on but kipn us @ hum isn’t d best way to solve dis problem.dey shld tink if dey wia in our parent shoes wn’t dey b worried?or is it bcos none of dia children r studyn hia dats y dey have d gutz to vomit al wot dey r sayn.asuu shld start wit wot d fg ave given to dem dan makin tins more difficult 4 we student.

  8. You guys are blaming ASUU, the amount they want is for there well been…most of this senator were taught by this lecturers….why not tell the senates to tell u the amount they earn…or ask them to reduce there money…they do nothing and still earn too much money.

  9. Useless & selfish Asuu. May God delay every good thing that belongs to you for 4yrs. For wasting our time because of your frivolous demands. You are all thieves & your demands are unreasonable.

  10. I read through some comments here and then i come to the conclusion that some students are really dumbass and foolish enough to call ASUU selfish and thieves…these people stand for more than three hours in the lecture rooms trying to pass knowledge into your miserable lives and earn 250k at the end of the month while some stupid senators sit in their factory fitted a:c national assembly passing useless and uncalled for bills like children marriage and at the end of the month they earn over 37million naira each…its obvious you all dunno that ASUU are fighting for the betterment of the educational sector of this country…our other little african countries are front running academically,now Nigerians run to Benin republic thats not up to Ondo state just to get eductaion…it took Ghana a year and six months to reform their academic sector which later affected other sectors of the country now Ghana are ahead of us economically….Aint it time we all come together and fight this good fight??

    • priceless u r very dumb and blind 2 see..asuu is heartless,nw in nigeria we hv a policy of age in employment,fg is selfish abt dis national cake dey dnt want to share it..asuu is demand a share from d national cake by keepin us at home…a student of uniabuja attempted sucide cos she has no father and she wants 2 graduate quickly start workin and help her mom who is old and her 2 younger siblings..a 400lvl student of lasu died on d spot were he was hit by a trailer if dey were in skul will all dis happen?

  11. Before you nailed ASUU and other group members on strike&planning to. Let’s ask Govt if a professional lecturer just like other professionals like lawyers,doctors etc are not getting those allowance that seems selfish from them. That’s what both party sees &know before signing such agreement before them. Is not now Govt. Should then be saying they are making a selfish&greedy demands.

  12. Shameful that govt is just realizing the perceived error in an agreement it signed with ASUU since 2009. The oversight function of our legislators should not end at demanding for admission concession and money.
    Who is Mark to demean Onosode and the pro chancellors that made up the govt team. Sure that committee reported to their principal b4 they signed the agreement.
    What about the implementation of the MoU Anyim signed with ASUU? Is Anyim also stupid? If he is, then we must praise ASUU for having the magic wang.
    Why should they complain of money when N255m that could have built a 350 capacity hostel in a university was used in buying just 2 cars for one person.

  13. What do we call those who approved allowances of senators. Am ashamed that this level of deceit is happening on the floor of the Nigerian Senate. There might be no need for ASUU to discuss with people like Mark.


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