SHAMEFUL PHOTOS: Husband Catches His Pregnant Wife In Hotel Room With Another Man, Shares Incriminating Photos On The Internet

According to reports, a husband who suspected his wife of infidelity has caught her red-handed in the arms of another man.

Sources revealed that the woman, who is already a few months pregnant, has been seeing her lover and having extra-marital affairs with him for a while now. The husband has reportedly been hearing the rumours of his wife’s affair and decided to take action.

On this fateful day, the wife and her lover, met at their usual location (a hotel) to have their lovemaking session. The husband, at this time, got a call from his informant. He then busted into the hotel room and caught his pregnant wife in the act.

The husband reportedly took photos and started distributing them on social media.

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Source: Trendy Sturvs


  1. The woman is a disgrace to the world and her family. If a married woman with pregnancy can go around to sleep with different men Such a woman will never stop d act. She must hav been impregnated by different men. D man have been in d dark all this why. Whore, okpo hole. What a pity.

  2. this is a bambalstic tabu, she surppose to be use for sercrifice
    a pregnant woman in such act, without thinking about the future of the baby she is carrying. well, we all knw this is end time, this are part of the simptons of end time. God have marcy

  3. Can’t u people see dat dis iz a confirm setup? Number one, she iz well dressed… Secondly she got her google on her fore head! Deir iz no evidence to prove d woman iz wrong! Maybe d husband wonna set her up just to dump her. So u people should stop judgin! Am married, and I know men too well and knows wat dey can do,

    • If the husband want 2 set her-up, that is to proof if she is faithful,(maybe there is a suspicious movement) so if she is faithful she wouldn’t have fall into such a set up, u know that. such person like you lacks ideas, u don’t reason well b4 u talk.

  4. Chai! This world, sometimes I feel not to get marry, not to even have any to do with a woman, they love you when you’re on their side, but give them an inch they will hate you. She deserved more.

  5. The man she came to sleep with might be the owner of d pregnancy dat God just decids to open d secret to d husband at home,so is now left for the husband to take d next step

  6. is simply a do or die affair i think something went wrong somewhere somehow, the gurl in question must hav lost her guard but willing to surrender buh thats nt what makes u important or keeps u frm nt repeating such next tym the huzy is only either supervising her & teaching her dumb lessons, well it is good for the media buh is no case for nw.

  7. Is like Yoruba people sleeping with married men and women because they are the only people in this page calling for defence of the evil committed by this woman……No wonder most of them are sellout because they can hardly reach agreement in all the do ,….except cheating

  8. Pls holymessanger, we r nt here to insult anybody, there is freedom of expression so mind the way you talk. I feel this story is not real; check their facial expression if u knw abt pix communication. Mind u, I don’t say this cannot happen bt this particular one is not true.

  9. A complete disgrace 2 womenfolks,as we, readers run comments & we must learn from it and decide what 2 do if u’re d husband or d wife or accursed man.

  10. Holymessenger, u’re a fool 4 even saying dt. People see & perceive things differently. Y are u now uttering a statement dt can cause chaos. Watch ur tongue

  11. I think she was caught in the act bcoz d photos does not look lyk a looks real.but one question is what type of child would this type of mother raise.
    Things are happening….this is bad u know,.

  12. cmirrow, i believe you do de same act too for commenting like dis. Even if she is caught with no evidence, that is still a sexual act.what must a married woman be doing with anoda man in a hotel room? By sulhakeem

  13. A Must read …..
    Marriage is a School where u get d Certificate
    before u start.
    A school where you will never graduate,
    … A school without a break or a free period,
    A school where no one is allowed to drop out,
    A school which you will have to attend every day of
    your life,
    A school where there is no sick leave or
    A school founded by God: 1.On the foundation of
    2.The walls are made out of trust,
    3.The door made out of acceptance,
    4.The windows made out of understanding
    5.The furniture made out of blessings
    6.The roof made out of faith Before you forget, you
    are just a student not the
    principal, God is the Principal.
    Even in times of storms, don’t be unwise and run
    outside, remember this school is the safest place
    to be. Never go to sleep before completing your
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    communicate, communicate to your classmate
    and to the Principal if you find out something in
    your classmate (spouse) that you do not
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    not a graduate, God is not finished with him/her
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    the same way. Sometimes you will feel like not
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    courage and
    continue. Some tests and exams may be tough but
    remember the Principal knows how much you
    can bear. But still it is a school better than any
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    happiness accompany each lessons of the day.
    Different subjects are offered in this school, yet
    love is the major subject. After all the years of
    theorizing about it, now you
    have a chance to practice it. To be loved is a good
    thing, but to love is a
    greatest privilege of them all. Marriage is a place of
    love, so love your
    spouse very well. May God help your home ….

  14. Cmirrow don’t mind what they are saying, they don’t understand what picture can do , mixing pics online is really real. They woman know the fater of the baby an only she knows why she did that, don’t judge u might or have done worst that her, only that u are not caught yet.

  15. This is a real taboo! Who says it is a set up? Methink Cmirror, the self-styled Holymessenger and CBArika are missing the link in this great exposure. This is a case of two lovebirds caught in the act and you are here talking of set up and photo tricks. Can you set your wife up in an hotel room to disgrace her and family this way? Try to be realistic in your submissions to issues like this!

  16. ln fact,some pple dont even think before they post their useless comments.How can someone with his/her senses called this setup or frame work?Even if it’s a setup,what can a pregnant woman doing with another man in an hotel?l think we need to reason before making any comment.This is just a lesson to those that behaving like this.Everyday for a thief but a day for the owner.Remember,God’s judgement is more than this.

  17. Am still in shock over what am seeing!What is really happening?If this story is true then she’s a total absolute disgrace to all females esp married ones.How will she stop so low?As for the man I don’t blame him,he saw free thing and decided to collect because if she placed any value on herself she won’t stoop so low ,This is an ABOMINATION.this isn’t a tribal issue but one of loose morals!I really pity her family she has put their name in the mud but as for her she’s already finished just waiting for her burial

  18. Hahaha…mumu people commenting as if they я̲̅ lads and virgins.if u know uve not sinned and u commented here ur exempted. But u ve sinned n u commented rubbished thunder go fire u n ur generation.

  19. It’s a good thing she’s caught at hand, this will serve as lesson to women who don’t respsect their marritan pride
    God as appointed marriage to be a blessing to both man and woman,both some nasty women as taken their marriage vow for granted and this as putten a curse on them
    What an insolence, a pregnant woman, how owlful could that be, I’m certain that the pregnancy isn’t the husband’s, its for the other man
    Marriage isn’t by force, if u’re tired of it then u quit instead of fletting arrond
    It’s more honorable being a single lady than being a fletting woman

  20. God has a way of exposing the hidden and secret things that no one know not. Althesame, there is room for mercy and forgiveness. The woman committed adultery no dought but the man has also sin by exposing his wife nakedness to rhe world. Whether you like it or not, she is your wife and will always be except if you do not love her and you did not want to make heavon. Think about it.

  21. Ok, u cot her in d act and so wat? In this story if it is true the husband is d biggest fool on earth, *read my lips* with all conviction. Much as i blive dat no one is perfect i equally reserve the blive dat evrybody with their individual grey areas n if my wife has looped to this extent its time for me to protect her before the world n deal with her inside. There is no iota of sense to lease ur wife to the public this way afterall na u marry her. So shut the fuck up and accept her good, bad and ugly. Make una let me hear world, she was doing it to save her husband peasant head.

  22. Should this be true, it is condemnable against all norms and morals but does not call for the woman to be stoned no one is a saint. We need to pray for her and if her husband can forgive let it be. To offend is human to to forgive is divine.

  23. She is a disgrace to womanhood. May the good Lord have mercy on her. Nobody knows who impregnated her it might even be that her shameless lover. My advice for her is to repent genuinely so that she doesn’t perish completely

  24. 1. this is no set up. the husband did not barge in alone on them.
    2. it is true that we may all be sinners.
    3. Men have this weakness to the female gender’s physical appearance.
    But, folks, there’s no excuse for failure to uphold your integrity. we suffer everyday from temptation but we must strive to runaway from walking into them. i am no preacher but the truth is that we must follow the path of righteousness if we want to make HEAVEN. those who condemn this act are on the right track. those who do not, are as guilty as the folks in this pix. when u open your mouth to say something is wrong, it actually spurs you too to try to avoid such a thing, forget whether there is a watching eye. Love should know no disloyalty!

  25. Bad, who knows whether the pregnancy belongs to the husband or the lover. let them go and conduct a DNA test to ascertain the real father.

  26. Waoo!!! See comments!Assuming ds story is true some pple go don stone ds woman †̥☹ death & wat happens †̥☹ d man,probably he is married too & both committed d same sin of adultery…..Anyw,i hv no comment on ds cos neither U̶̲̥̅̊ nor i knows d genesis of a̶̲̥̅̊ℓℓ ds. Man or woman,married or single give ur life †̥☹ christ.

  27. 4 doz claimin Set up! s*xbirds ve bn on survellanz as d huzy hs bn hearin GISTs abt d pregnant cow. sum1 calld him dat” dem don enta inside d hotel to enta inside d inner inna..& d man hs 2 rush 2 put asunda wat LUST hs put 2geda “, accompanied by a few witnesses 2 help separate fight “shd in case”.. Baa Fear of God…..kaaai!

  28. Na as much ds a shameful act,we shd endeavour not 2 b too judgmental,if u tk a gd look at d pix ul observe d woman is tly fully dressed just d man dat just removed his top. So wots d big argument
    here.most men critisising,judging and condeming are d sm dat goes about chasing married woman. Abegiiiii mk we here word jor,mk una commot d dirty wey de una eye b4 u go fit commot anoda person own. As fr d husb of d woman shame on u,dats all I can tell u. Mtchew

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  30. Its rather unfortunate marriage is not never a do or die affair.If she knew she was so unhappy it would have been better to leave the marriage than to face this shame and disgrace that she will live with forever. There is nothing much she can do for now except relocate to another place and repent and take care of her child because even her own family will not even want to be near her for now.

  31. The woman nd man are shameless human beings,two of them suppose to be stoned to death 4 such a behaviour, coz such a behaviour is a taboo in african contries.

  32. Shit happens,but d scene dos nt look real ,cos the lady is not naked she’s well dressed.but if the story is for real then dey need deliverance from for the hubby he shouldn’t have posted dis shameful pics cos its also a shame to himself.billimojo

  33. It’s sacrilegious, pls let’s not condem but pray 4 them so that the spirit of promiscuity will leave them. May God have mercy.

  34. This story lacks composure. And its a big lie. It only people with chip head that can accept this because they can believe anything. The medias uses this type of frame up to measure some peoples’ IQ. It is also how they grade people, if the can handle public administration. So reason before you talk don’t open your mouth wide like a fool. And anybody that believed this lie, it means you same thing

  35. he that does not have a sin, let him cast the first stone. but if u do have a sin, drop ur stones and walk away. woman, jesus says ‘GO AND SIN NO MORE, FOR YOUR SINS HAVE BEEN FORGIVVEN.

  36. We all sin everyday, may God 4gv her, temptation in Pregnancy is not easy, do u knw if d hubby do gv her enof as she want, but dat shuldnt be a reason 2 sale her pride

  37. Whats the big deal doesnt her husband cheat on her. Who even tell the man say naim get the belle. It might be be the boyfriend or man friend’s own. Perhaps, she never enjoys sex with her hubby. So finding satisfaction elsewhere isnt a big deal. When a woman errs is a big deal, is in the news but when is a man no is not. Abeg give her a break. She is an adult and can decide on what she want to do right. Besides all these pple criticising her have at one time or the other done worse things.

  38. U when go married prostitute bfor hw he go look like. Many girls just wear shirt da waka for road. Deyt are all prostitute when u go marry dem ur own don finish b dat. Because spirit of prostitution da follow dem. Look b for u marry. Or else na ur house u go see ur wife wt man inside ur house nor b hotel again like dis one o.

  39. Fools that argue this pictures I wish and pray it happens to you foolish men that will never learn only to defend and trust women that the deveil decived 4rm the inception of time! And as for u evil woman just know that you are not thesame. Woman pass woman…FOOL’S Men can be stupied.


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