SHOCKING REVELATIONS: “Nobody Can Harm Me As Long As My Mum Lives” – Gov Aliyu Talks About His Mother’s Spiritual Powers

Niger State Governor, Muazu Babangida Aliyu has dropped a bombshell on why his perceived enemies cannot disgrace him out of public office.

aliyuHe disclosed that his aging mother has every spiritual power to protect him and put his enemies to shame.

Aliyu, who is also the chairman, Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF), spoke at the weekend when he commissioned the Kaduna-based Liberty Radio station.

He said there is the need for Nigerians to respect their mothers and women in general because according to him,women are more responsible for the upbringing of children than men.

He beat his chest and challenged whoever wanted his downfall either politically or otherwise, to try his mother’s power.

He also disclosed how at his tender age, his father discovered his oratory ingenuity, saying that his vocal ability at public functions had proved that his father had a good foresight about some of his talents.

He said that he was his father’s pet till the age of 40.

“My mother is still escorting me, so, go and do whatever thing you want to do against me, my mother is behind me. She is praying for me.

“We must protect our mothers because they are the only ones who can put their hands up and God will answer quickly.

“We must respect our women because they are really the ones who make sure that our children behave and learn to obey promises made.

“Since I was a small boy, till today, I have never eaten alone.

“I would come from school to my family house with over 12 children and till today I wonder how a plate of food was enough for all of till we grew up. Some of the people in our house would say I am a troublemaker, but my father would look and smile, and he would say leave him alone.

“He compared me to one of my brothers and said they should leave me alone to have my own way and my brother his own way.

“When I started talking, the other children would say I had started making noise again and my old man would say they should leave me, believing that talking is my gift.

“Lo and behold, when I see people trying to listen to me today, I say oh, my father was right. And I am happy that he had escorted me until I was 40 something years old,” Aliyu said.