Underwear Protest In Hungarian University Over Mini-skirt Ban

Kaposvar University

Students at a Hungarian university attended class wearing only their underwear to protest against a dress code ordered by the college head.

In a letter to students on Wednesday, the rector of Kaposvar University in southwest Hungary wrote that a conservative dress code – dark suits and shoes for men; jacket, blouse and trousers or long skirts for women – must be adhered to when attending classes or exams.

“From October 1, there is also no place in the university for mini-skirts, flip-flops, heavy make-up, inappropriate fashion accessories, or unkempt fingernails and hair,” the letter continued.

The rector did make an allowance for lighter clothing during warm summer days, prompting some students to make the underwear protest.

mini-skirt ban protest in Hungary

“We were appropriately dressed but the class room was so warm we removed some clothing as is permitted,” said one student.

The protesters included male and female students.

Students plan to wear flip-flops and beach towels at another protest on October 7.


  1. I don’t think this people really have problem, neither are they serious at all. Its over provisions that is worrying them. While hear in 9ja, we only need to resume school even if they say we should wear Agbada. Mmmmmh

  2. If thy are serious. y covering dmselfs with book. meanwhile I haven’t heard police killing students here bcus of d protest, if nija now atleast 5 students whld have been dead. God help us.

  3. Dear Hungarian University Students,
    You Rector meant/means well for you.For him to have written such a grooming-guided memorandum points to the fact that there had been chains of negative events,after another,occasioned by the near nude dressings of the Students.The protest picture seen here shows only the feminine gender,unclad,while the memorandum covers both sexes.This speaks more volume to pointing out that the feminine gender engage in nude dressing to propagate satan’s will and wish because he operates easily through them;to encourage lesbianism;for sexual seduction and the likely ills that are societal evils.I would not want the feminine gender in the Hungarian University to be perceived they are the ‘odd man out’ when the nudity in their campus is halted;moreso as nudity has become a way of life for the feminine gender all over the world.The sanity that has started from the Hungarian University should be applauded and emulated by other schools.Never again should evils be institutionalised because it has stayed in the society without anyone standing up to nip it in the bud.The protesters against the good intentions of the Provest should remember not to do so because of following the band wagon for God condemns all forms of unrighteousness,including nude dresses and dressings.(Please,read Revelations 22:8;Deuteronomy 22:5;1 John 3:8-9;1 Peter 1:15_16;James 4:4).There has never been anything positive with nude dressing and there will never be.I call upon the Parents,the Law Enforcement Agents,the Religoius Leaders and Faithfuls,the Lecturers,the Student Union Members and Students alike to help the Provost in making sure sexually provocative dresses and dressings are completely shown the way out of the Hungarian University:The world should follow suit in this good ‘legislation’ and enforcement and the word of God in 2 Chronicles 7:14 will apply in our lives.

  4. Rubbish…dtz y it is called collage n nt high school, he 4 sew school uniform 4 dem n tell dem 2 de wear socks 2. dt rector must b naught…..mtchewwwww


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