Stroke And Heart Disease Deaths ‘Linked’ To Aircraft Noise.

Recent research has showed that the risks of stroke, heart and circulatory disease are higher in areas with a lot of aircraft noise.


The study suggested the risks were 10 – 20 percent higher in areas with the highest levels of aircraft noise.

The work further suggests a higher risk of deaths from stroke, heart and circulatory disease for those who lived where the aircraft noise was loudest.

“The exact role that noise exposure may play in ill health is not well established,” said Dr Anna Hansell, the lead author, from Imperial College London.

“However, it is plausible that it might be contributing – for example, by raising blood pressure or by disturbing people’s sleep.”

There’s a ‘startle reaction’ to loud noise – if you’re suddenly exposed to it, the heart rate and blood pressure increase.

“And aircraft noise can be annoying for some people, which can also affect their blood pressure, leading to illness.



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