Supermodel, Noami Campbell, Spotted With Nigerian Billionaire, Kola Aluko

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Famous supermodel, Naomi Campbell has shown that she definitely rolls with the richest and biggest, literally.

Naomi Campbell was photographed with Nigerian billionaire, Aluko a couple of days ago.

The 43 year old model was spotted in Paris, hand in hand with Nigerian billionaire businessman Kola Aluko as they both headed out to lunch.

In case you don’t know, Kola Aluko is a big shot in the oil and gas and aviation sector worldwide.

He is also the deputy CEO and leading shareholder in Seven Energy, an oil and gas firm, with HQ in Lagos and London.

Nope, there is still more, Aluko is also on the advisory board of Vista Jet, a Swiss based private jet charter company.

Here’s the sweetest part, sources say that he flies all over the world in his own Private Jet, while another spare jet follows at the back.


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