The 3 Looks She’ll Give You If She Likes You

425x160x17cd416e-425x160.jpg.pagespeed.ic.QzACjNdrUMGirls, as hard as they try to be understood are very easily understood by the right intellectual guys. Here are the 3 Looks she’ll give you that let you know she’s definitely in to you.

3. Catch her looking more than twice-
So you caught her looking at you? Doesn’t mean anything. Could happen to anyone. You caught her looking at you another time?! Still wouldn’t get your hopes up as there might just be something funny looking on your face. But damn, you catch that chick looking at you three times… Something’s up! You’re all she’s thinking about. Even while she’s either talking to someone else or actively doing something else, she’s wishing she was doing that or talking with YOU. There’s something about you that she wants and this is definitely a sign of interest.

2. The eyes of Interest/ Eye Contact-
You might be more accustomed to what the opposite of this look looks like, but this is when you can tell she’s hanging on every word you’re saying. Eye contact is never broken whereas she is 100% dwelled in on the conversation with you. It’s all in the eyes on this one. Go talk to your mom or any girl that you KNOW doesn’t like you and you’ll get a feel for what the normal eye look says so when you get one like this, you’ll know. Eyebrows up, staring straight into your eyes, never getting distracted by anything that you’re not distracted by. That’s it. Obviously if you’re hiring a girl to a job, or talking about giving her something she wants you’ll get this same look, however it doesn’t mean the same thing. Girls naturally use this look to get things they want playing off of guy’s perception of attraction. Evil things..

1. That “Give it to me” Look-
Okay, past the last look, this one is different. You will most likely get played this look by girls who seem like they aren’t good enough for you or know that their normal resume’ of what they have to offer you as a partner isn’t to your standards.

The looks and body mannerisms a girl has while in your presence can say a lot about how she feels about you as a potential partner. Most of the perceptions men have about girls are natural and don’t need to be mentioned, but for those few men who feel like the dating game is a foreign language, knowing and registering these looks can be key for your perception of interest.




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