The Nutrients You Need To Run On ‘Optimum’


Everyone, including women, need to eat nutrient-rich foods to maintain their health. One area in your budget you should probably try to increase is your food budget. We all spend money on our health. It is a toxic, crowded world and there is no escape from that expense. You can choose if you spend less money on food and more on medicine, or more on better food and supplements and less on medicine. With the latter, you’ll have a better quality of life, but it does take more time and effort.

The nutrients we need our food to be rich in include:

• Protein for muscle and strength

• Iron for our blood

• Folic acid for the formation of both red and white blood cells

• Chromium for healthy blood sugar

• Calcium for bones and teeth

• Magnesium for many things including healthy organs

• Vitamin D for heart and bone health

• Vitamin C for immunity and antioxidants

• B vitamins for adrenal health and to fight stress

• Enzymes for digestion and nutrient absorption

• Fiber to get the most out of your food and help fight disease

• Essential fatty acids to nourish your brain and vascular system

• Lots of good, clean water