Two Brothers Beheaded In Nasarawa

Nasarawa-StateThe violent clash between Eggon tribe and Alago in Nasarawa State assumed a frightening dimension as two Eggon men, said to be brothers, were beheaded and some of their organs removed.

Peter Abaku, 32, and his brother, James, 28, both refugees in Lafia, the state capital, as a result of the conflict which has engulfed Nasarawa in recent weeks, were said to be returning to Obi in Eggon area, where they had lived, to move their properties when they were ambushed by some Alago men.

The incident reportedly happened on Monday.

An eye witness, who accompanied the brothers on the ill-fated trip but narrowly escaped, said the assailants tied the victims to a tree, plucked out their eyes, removed their hearts before beheading them.

An Eggon youth leader, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in Lafia, said he and some of his kinsmen visited the scene of the murder accompanied by the  Nasarawa State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Shehu, where the saw the lifeless bodies of the brothers tied to a tree with parts of their organs missing.

According to him, Mr. Shehu pleaded with them not to escalate the crisis by taking the law into their hands.

“It was such a horrible sight seeing two brothers killed and parts of their bodies removed”, the youth leader lamented.

The bodies were reportedly taken to Dalhatu Specialist Hospital in the state capital but were later released by the police to the deceased brothers’ relations, who buried their remains in Tudun Gwandara on Tuesday.




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