Unsafe Countries To Live

Terrorists attack has been the reason behind insecurity in most countries, especially in Africa; though it still has it root in some Arab region.


According to ClickTop10.com, Africa houses the highest number of dangerous countries to live in, with 4, while the Arab region, North America and Asia has 3, 2 and 1 country respectively in the top ten list released by the site.

The most affected countries where people are living their lives under constant fears include the developed and developing nations; Somalia top the list, with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen making the top 5, while Sudan and South Sudan occupy the 6 position, and Haiti, Honduras, Pakistan and Niger completing the list respectively.

Haiti is the only country on this list that is not experiencing terrorist attacks, but is facing natural disaster like earthquake and cholera outbreak.

The site stated that peace is the greatest concern of the current political world, “Although we do not see many country to country wars, yet the new danger of violent non-state actors have emerged on the scene which has disturbed the peace of entire world.

These groups have their particular agendas and adopt the violent means in pursuit of achieving their desired objectives.”

Source: The Nation