We Have Lost Faith In Federal Government – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) said yesterday that it has lost faith in the ability of the Federal Government to resolve the lingering crisis in universities.


ASUU Chairman at the University of Benin Comrade Anthony Monye-Emina said in Benin that the strike must go on to achieve its desired results.

He said the union has lost faith in the Federal Government due to its insincerity over the agreement.

He said one of the reasons why they are insisting that their demands must be met is because the government initially denied the existence of the 2009 agreement which was signed by its officials.

 “We can no longer trust government; we have lost faith in its willingness to deliver on the issues that led to the strike in the first place,” he said.

Source: Daily Trust


  1. That’s FG for you. They promise and fail, sign agreements and deny ever signing any, embezzle and claim to be fighting corruption. Don’t worry, by the time NUPENG joins the strike they will honour the agreement because the only language the FG understands is industral strike action.

  2. Dis Asuu pple r too stupid..,.Fightin 4 ur own desire wat abt we dat u kept at home since al dis while.May God punish u al both Asuu nd FG

  3. Ok, here is the breakdown The question is what
    does the Vice- chancellors of Universities do
    with all the fees paid by students, and rents paid
    by staff living in university quarters?. A
    breakdown of the fees show that students pay
    for maintenance, light, medical, sports, library,
    lab/audio visuals etc, lets say in a hostel the
    actual students supposed to stay in a room are
    4. this number multiplied by hostel charge of
    N10,000. equals N40000, an average second
    generation university has at least 30,000
    students. Multiply this number to the fees paid
    by full time students of N25,000 this equals
    N7500000000. This money can be used to
    maintain infrastructure, provide equipment in
    the Universities, but, this isn’t the case.
    University management mis- management all the
    funds and expect government to provide money.
    Vice-chancellors connive with bursars to loot
    the system, after their tenure, they aren’t
    probed. What happened in south south
    university after their riot a few years back. Each
    student was asked to pay N10000, from
    diploma, long distance, to Ph.D students. The
    school has a total population of over 40,000
    students. Multiply that amount, it sums up to
    N400 million. They spent less than 10 million
    fixing the damage caused by students, what
    happened to the rest? What happened to the
    money? Part time students pay over N60000 a
    session. Multiply that by 10000 part time
    students it equals N600 million. The least fees a
    postgraduate student pays is N150000 a session.
    Multiply that by 3000 postgraduate students
    admitted, it equals N450 million. Some
    universities charge N15000 for P.G forms,
    multiply that by 3000 people who may apply it
    equals N45million. Now, for post ume exams, a
    students pays N2000 for the forms, multiply
    that 5000 students who may apply into a
    university, it equals N10 million, there’s also the
    sale of forms for pre-degree and part time
    undergraduate programmes, monies run into
    millions of naira each year. The question is what
    happens to them? Government established
    TETFUND, there is ETF. This establishment raises
    billions for tertiary universities. The truth is
    until corruption is checked in the system it will
    be hard for us to move ahead. Now ASUU wants
    3trillion naira? hmm, I laugh.asuu should call
    off d strike


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