Who Would You Hit: Oge Okoye, Rukky Sanda And Ebube Nwagbo Show Off Back Tattoos

Oge-Okoye-Rukky-Sanda-Ebube-Nwagbo rukky-ebube-n-oge

Nollywood actresses are not new to tattoos, especially Oge Okoye, she has had that boob tattoo for as long as i can remember.

The 3 Nollywood divas, Rukky Sanda, Ebube Nwagbo and Oge Okoye spent time together (looks like a slumber party) and back the camera for a photo exposing their back tattoos.

The three close friends seemed like they spent the whole day relaxing and drinking wine by the pool; the good life!!!

If you could pick, who would you hit???

P.S: I wonder who took the photo of all three of them sef………… *raised eyebrow*

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