Why Jonathan Should Be Allowed To Continue In Office Beyond 2015 – Northern Group

jonathan-portrait1Northerners have been advised to support the second term ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 as the region has remained largely under-developed in spite of the fact that it has produced most of the country’s leaders than any other region.

Making the call in Zaria, Kaduna State yesterday, coordinator of the Northern Emancipation Network, NEN, Abdul-azeez Suleiman, noted that it is almost an impossible task to defeat an incumbent at the polls.

“Even in the most developed democracies like that of the US, it was only twice that power was taken over from an incumbent president and this is over 200 years now. So, it is very difficult to take over power from an incumbent president who is bent on retaining power”, Suleiman said.

According to him, “Northern leaders know it, and they know that they have not prepared the North to take that power. In any case, they gave power to the South without consulting any one of us. So we should not allow them drag us into their personal war that would not help the region in whatever way.

“We also believe that the predicament of the North cannot be solved by having just one person as the president. Look at the present arrangement; the North has all the important positions in Nigeria. We have the VP, Senate President, Speaker House of Reps, IGP, National Security Adviser, Immigration, Chief Justice; almost all the most important positions,” Suleiman said.

He added; “Now if all this collection cannot do anything for the North, one man as president cannot do anything. Our problems are our leaders. The North has held power in the past more than any other region, therefore if holding power is the yardstick for development, the North could not have been backward. Most of our problems were there before Jonathan, therefore since we cannot put our house in order before 2015, then we should allow the president to continue.”


  1. @Yusuf Moh’d, you don’t have to ulter such a provocative word at Abdul’aziz. He has made a point clear to we the Northerners and has a right to that. I want to believe looking into his perspective would make sense.

  2. Abdul Azeez you are on point, you gave a very simple reason which is very clear!

    If not for the crisis rocking the North right now GEJ hand work would be showing clearly.
    For sponsoring the crisis I believe their time is up, God will surely arrest them!
    God Nigeria…..