Why Nigerian Pilgrims Refused to Say “Amen” to Pastor Oritsejafor’s Prayers

A mild drama occurred at the River Jordan in Israel when the Nigerian delegation headed by President Goodluck Jonathan went on October 26, 2013, to offer prayers, led by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ayo Oritsejafor.


After praying for President Jonathan and several dignitaries at the venue, Mr. Oritsejafor then specifically prayed for Mrs. Oduah, but to his surprise several people in the gathering refused to say “Amen” to his prayer, stunning the leader of CAN and President Jonathan. Several people then exchanged glances and moved on.

If President Jonathan thought the controversy about the BMW car scam would quickly away, he is mistaken, as calls for the prosecution of the Minister grew louder over the weekend as it emerged that the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the agency arm-twisted to purchase the cars, cannot physically locate them.

It would be noted that on October 27, 2013, Sunday, the Abuja-based online news platform, Premium Times, reported that the office of the National Security Adviser has said that neither the Minister nor the NCAA applied for, or received the mandatory “End User Certificate” for the cars.

Similarly, several sources at the Federal Road Safety Corps have told SaharaReporters that the agency never presented the cars for licensing.

Source: Sahara Reporters


  1. Nigerians are not happy with the way our so called leaders spend our money.
    Universities student are at home since,our graduate are jobless,no good road and electricity supply is another problem and our so called selfish leaders are not doing any thing to put an end to the suffering of the poor.

  2. Since d enthronement of democracy in Nigeria, it will go down in dat Pres. Jonathan’s Govt has indulged impunity and corruption more than any other. I Wish he does not sweep this matter under d carpet. IT IS also a lesson to Nigerians, when voting vote for people who are ready to use govt as an instrument of CHANGE not as an instrument of paddy paddy at the detriment of over 150 million people.
    THE QUESTION now is when shall d cry for an end to Impunity and Corruption be heard, I am over 40yrs old, it has been on before i was born and till date it is growing at an alarming rate. LET US BEAR IN MIND THAT COUNTRIES LIKE AMERICA AND EUROPE WENT THRU IT BUT SOMEONE OR A GROUP OF PEOPLE CAME AND FOUGHT IT, WHILE THEY ARE STILL FIGHTING IT HEAD ON ELSEWHERE. WHO OR WHICH GROUP OF PEOPLE SHALL BE OUR OWN MESSIAH?

  3. Those who refused to say ‘amen’ are hypocrites and need repentance. So shameful that they behave this way even in a ‘holy land’ if Jesus arrives now, all of them will go to hell bcos their hearts are tainted with hatred. May God show them his mercies.

  4. U do not say amen to everything. This woman is part of the problems Niger has today, our educational sector is in shambles, and these politicians are fooling Niger, Port Harcourt airport has been under construction for a long time now and we have not prayed that government should settle ASUU or hasten the fixing of PH airport, instead of playing politics with the future of our country, People should stop making mockery of Christianity. Our politicians and government are greedy and we should be honest to ourselves. I know this particular issue will go same way Odili’s case went, Y? because she is in the good books of GEJ. God help NIGERIA

  5. Nigerian politicians/government lack conscience, our universities are not on and some wicked fellow is purchasing a bullet proof car for her self, squandering Nigerian money and she is travelling to the holly land to don what mock God? sorry for her. We cant say amen to what we do not concur, it is not by force.