WORLD FOOD DAY: Foodclique, Fighting Hunger and Giving Hope.

world food day 2013

Today in Nigeria, it is reported that two in seven people go to bed hungry. This statistics may not puzzle at first until you realize it refers to over 20million individuals of our current population. These could include the aged, abandoned destitutes, young children, pensioners, the disabled, homeless, working poor, low-income families and basically food insecure people.

One wonders therefore how widespread HUNGER came to be in a country where agriculture thrives and everyone grew up knowing there was plenty. Nigeria’s food crisis has been a recurring decimal and tackling it has even more been cumbersome due to sequential failures in government’s food policies. Although we are among the richest nations of the world, beneath the prosperity of Nigeria lies regretful Hunger; a plague which jeopardizes the core of our humanness and the power of disadvantaged citizens to become fruitful and contributing members of society.

This continues to threaten our nation’s culture,future and successfulness. The continuously afflictive and inconceivably large statistics has not cut down a great deal despite the United Nations making HUNGER eradication a major priority in the Millennium Development Goals. This points to the fact that the war against HUNGER isn’t just for Government or Institutions alone. The World Food Program’s description of the current global food crisis raises the specter as “its a natural disaster surging over an unaware populace that is helpless in the face of massive destruction”. Currently, With billions of people at risk of hunger worldwide, the current food crisis is certainly massive and destructive thereby requiring You and I.

foodclique world food day 2013


FoodClique Support Initiative is a Non-Profit Charity Organization that stores and distribute purchased or donated perishable and non-perishable food to hungry kids, pensioners, destitutes, disabled, homeless, working poor, low-income families and the food insecure people through community outreach and partnership with other agencies. With more than 75 % of Nigerians being at risk of hunger and almost one in every three Nigerian children not having clue as to their next meal, there is no better time to fight this hunger threat than now. Today, we feed over 5,000 people at select locations in Lagos state as Fighting hunger and giving hope is what we do and on the occasion of this Year’s WORLD FOOD DAY Programme (Wednesday,October 16th 2013) themed “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition”, we enjoin you to donate, advocate and volunteer as we rise against the hunger plague. Foodclique Support Initiative is ready to lead the fight to end hunger in our communities and though it cannot be done alone, we believe if we all stand-up to say enough is enough to hunger, harness our resource and volunteers, then it is possible. As we say, “He who goes to sleep whilst his neighbour remains hungry is not one of Us”, so we ask that you connect with us across our platforms on ways we can tackle this shortfall»,,

wfd 2013
foodclique against hunger

Thank you as you join in the fight and stand up for the over 800 million people hungry worldwide.


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