10-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped In Abuja After Attending Church Rehearsal

A 10-year-old boy has been abducted last Saturday in Kubwa, Abuja, by unidentified gunmen after attending church, and his whereabouts are still unknown.

cult-warChibuike Ogbusu was about to leave St. Bartholomew Cathedral Church (Anglican Communion) after attending the boys’ brigade rehearsal when he was snatched by abductors.

The boy’s father, Dr. Peter Ogbusu, says the family has yet to hear from the kidnappers – while, he added, a number of calls were received with people making “funny” demands and suggestions.

According to Mr. Ogbusu, Chibuike’s friends went to drink some water at a borehole in front of the church, and the boy, who was not thirsty, waited for them. His friends returned to find Chibuike missing. However, thinking that he has already gone home, the boys, too, left.

The boy’s family called his friends when Chubuike did not return home at usual hour. The friends expressed their surprise as they thought he would be already home.

“We then went to the church and searched for him everywhere, but saw no sign of him. The next day being Sunday, it was announced in church that our son was missing and we also went to hospitals, but we didn’t see him. The police are currently investigating his disappearance,” the father said.

He added they have been receiving “strange” calls from anonymous persons. For instance, one caller demanded N10m, another suggesting to see a prophet.