255m Car Scandal: Melaye Arrested Again Over Abuja Protest

Less than two weeks after leading protesters to Eagle Square, Abuja over the N255m bullet-proof car scandal involving the Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah, the Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network, Mr. Dino Melaye, was on Monday arrested by security operatives.

dino_melayeAs of the press time the exact reason for his arrest was not immediately known. It was reported to the journalists that the ex-lawmaker had been whisked to the Federal Capital Territory Police Command by a Special Team, led by one Patrick Ejoh, an Assistant Superintendent of Police.

According to the information provided, the police officers arrived at Melaye’s office at about 5.20pm. They had a warrant of arrest for alleged “criminal intimidation and threat to life.” 

A copy of the warrant was sent to Punch correspondent by e-mail, and it can be derived from the document that Melaye may be arraigned on Tuesday at a Magistrate’s Court.

Just before following the police representatives, Melaye told the journalists that two officers had come to detain him.

Commenting on the charge of “criminal intimidation and threat to life” he said:

“They did not tell me who I intimidated and threatened.”

“There are two ASPs here, one of them is Patrick Ejoh. They said they were taking me to FCT state command.”

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  • So we are now in a police state. I know that we didn’t vote for GEJ for him to rule us through use of force. Perhaps we are practicsing POLICEOCRACY. When is this nonsense going to stop? I pity GEJ for absolute power signifies the beginning of the downfall of a man. Let him ask ABACHA.

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