2Face’s Babymama, Sunmbo Ajaba Pregnant (SEE)

One of the babymamas of 2Face Idibia, Sunmbo Ajaba, is now pregnant. The recently married wife of a pastor, is now pregnant for her husband, David ‘Tunde Adeoye.

The couple married in 2013 in Lagos after a reported earlier secret wedding in South Africa. Pastor Adeoye is the General Overseer of Royal Christian Centre, Lagos.

Sunmbo had a relationship with 2Face before she married Pastor Adeoye. Their romance produced two children.



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  • Sincerely I don’t see anything in d 2 face that could have attracted a normal Lady to throw herself on him so cheaply. It is a shame on the useless ladies that gave themselves to him as baby factories. Who is he and WHAT does he have to that extent ?

  • Tope,I’m very sory to say this,but I must say it,if the chance of aproaching 2baba,that the other ladies got eventually came 2 u,u could have……………………

  • TOPE u r 1 of d most foolish idiots on earth. Wat have dey done 2 u dat made u classify dem as shameless nd cheap? Who gave u d right 2 judge dem, well if u don’t see anytin good in 2face den u can jump in2 d nearest canal, or go sweep bar beach! Who give’s 2 fuck’s about ur poor opinion. 2face baby mama’s r far more beta dan u, @least dey didn’t abort dia children, who knows how many abortions u av had( mayb 8), so my dear u r not in any way beta dn dem, so watch d words u use on pple. IDIOT!poverty striken bitch!u r just hatin 2face mayb becaus u saw him nd he dint give u d room 2 av a picture wit him. Mstcheewwwwww!

  • 2face is a nice and gentle guy, most of this girls weren’t actually approached by 2face they fall for his characters and he is undoubtedly handsome and rich, so now tell me what else on earth could a girl be looking for.

  • he Bible said old things have pass away, and all things have become new, but in you Writer’s. Dictionary everything is still old u even know person pass the day when dem born am, thank God her husband know everything about her, u would have be the one to scatter her marriage, kilode! Please now just take it easy don’t do the work that will take u to hell fire, stop attaching some1 past to her present. Even when she is try to forget. Please

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