3 Compliments Your Wife Will Love To Hear…

marrageIf you give your wife a compliment, she’ll smile and remember how good you make her feel.

When she remembers how good you make her feel, she will go to work with a little pep in her step.

If she has a little pep in her step, she will be more apt to be in a good mood and get her work done accordingly.

By being satisfactory at work, she will get kudos from her boss and she will remember this day as a good day.

Knowing she’s having a good day will carry her all the way home, where she will encounter the husband who gave her the compliment.

When she encounters the husband who gave her a compliment, she will greet him warmly and they will have a great evening.

If they have a great evening, she will go to bed happy. And he will go to bed happy. *wink*

And everyone will be happy.

See, I don’t think husbands realize their power in the household. A simple word of encouragement, a surprise hug or a phone call during the day to simply say, “I appreciate you” goes so far with a woman. In one of my earlier posts, “Sometimes a Man Just Needs to Hear,” I wrote:

We all want that validation that our spouse *sees* us, that they understand that what we do every day is not easy, but they appreciate us making that effort. Don’t get so caught up in the day-to-day business that you miss out on little opportunities to connect.

I was talking about husbands in that instance, but it’s true for women especially. There’s nothing more pertinent than making sure everything is running smoothly in your marriage and it starts with our words. Fellas, try one of these on for size:

“I love that dress on you, baby.” Bet you she’ll pull it out whenever she wants to feel pretty.

“That was some of the best {insert food here} I ever tasted.” Wipe your mouth for effect. Bet you she’ll walk with an extra strut in her step.

“Honey, why don’t you head on out and take a couple hours for yourself? I’ll take care of the kids. You work really hard. You deserve a break.” She’ll zoom out of the house so fast it’ll make your head spin. But when she gets back, she’ll be looking for a way to return the favor.

So remember: Dip your tongue in honey before you speak to your wife. It’s the first step in creating a happy home.



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