3 Rules of Texting Girls You Like

images (10)Face it. The world is changing and if you want girls to like you, you need to change with it. Here’s the Top Three things you must consider when texting girls that you want to like you back.

RULE # 3 – No Long Texts

As much as you’d like to just absolutely pour your heart and soul out to a girl, you need to hold back if you want to maintain her interest. If you fail at this, start expecting some shorter responses. When you write long texts whether it’s about your day, how you feel, and hopefully not the dreaded long text spilling your feelings.. all you’re doing is putting her in power which does the following:

Makes her un-attracted to you because she feels overwhelmed
Because she knows she’s being pursued before she liked you, you’re instantly outcasted into the friend zone
She will send shorter responses hoping that you get the hint that your feelings are not reciprocated by her.
Keep it short and interesting and make sure you always give her something to respond to or comment on.

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RULE # 2 – DO NOT Text Her First Every Day

Blah Blah Blah, Girls say guys are supposed to text first, but that’s only because they want to feel pursued to flatter themselves. In reality if you fall into the rhythm of doing this, you’ll wind up in the same position as the first rule, with her having control. Here are some potential situations and results from this epidemic:

You text her first every day —- She begins to feel like you are trying too hard and loses interest.

You text her first every day —- She eventually stops responding and you’re left waiting all day feeling like a pile of crap.

**Put yourself in their perspective, if you got texts from a girl every, single day in the early mornings would you still like her? No, you would begin to feel too empowered over the potential relationship and nothing’s worse than feeling like someone likes you more than you like them. Instantly lose interest.

Solution: Yes, you need to keep her knowing you like her so she can feel comfortable opening up to you, but you have to keep the status quo. Sometimes just in the middle of conversation and during the day, just don’t reply. Yep, just don’t reply. She’ll be surprised and wondering all day what happened. Follow up the next day with a “Hey, what’s up?” If she asks you why you didn’t text her back yesterday, YOU’RE IN.

Hopefully, you’re smart enough to know this naturally, but just in case you haven’t got the memo, if someone doesn’t reply to you in this day and age when everyone is always constantly on their phones, then they didn’t reply for a reason. Relating back to what has been mentioned by the previous rules, this is the ultimate sign of desperation and will easily put you in her “Not Interested” zone fast.

Yes, you know you want to. Yes, you would like to know why she hasn’t responded. But, if you cave in to the double text, you’re signing your own friend zone certificate, because you’re never getting out. If you don’t get a response from a girl, wait at LEAST 3 days before texting her again, and when you do make sure you have something of interest to start the conversation off like, ” ARE YOU WATCHING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW?!” or “Did you know about…”


You can tell a lot about the way a girl feels about you from the way she texts you. Well, so can they tell that about you. Keep it cool. Keep it short and interesting. Try to make her laugh. And MAKE SURE to follow the three rules!



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