6 Little Known Foods That Make You Gain Muscle Fast

images (7)There are six little known foods that aid in gaining muscle fast, especially when paired with the right type of regular exercise and fitness regimens.

#1 Mackerel

Mackerel is a delicious fish similar to tuna in a number of ways as they come from the same family. The major advantage of mackerel over tuna is a much higher omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3 fatty acids can improve the body’s overall composition, which is key when it comes to building muscle. Other nutrients found in mackerel that promote rapid muscle building include zinc, which allows the body to maintain its testosterone levels.
During intense resistance training, the body produces a series of thyroid hormones that allow muscle building. These testosterone levels naturally taper off, especially as exercises get more exhausting as time goes on.
Extra zinc in a person’s diet from mackerel and other types of fish like salmon prevent the natural decrease of these thyroid hormones, which allows the body to build additional muscle.
Another added benefit of mackerel is that it helps prevent chronic inflammation which generally results as the result of weight training, which allows a person to push themselves harder and longer, which results in a more intense recovery processes and bigger muscles in shorter periods of time. As with all fish, mackerel helps with more than building muscle.
Fish of all types help maintain a healthy heart and lower your blood pressure, which are both qualities that reduce the risk of strokes, sudden and catastrophic heart attacks and abnormal heart rhythms. Mackerel can also prevent inflammation, reduce arthritis and decrease the risk of conditions like dementia, diabetes, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

#2 Chocolate milk
Many professional athletes actually increase the amount of chocolate milk in their diets during intense workout routines as a delicious alternative to traditional methods like protein powder.
The reason why chocolate milk is so beneficial for gaining muscle quickly is because it includes the two main types of proteins: fast digesting and slow digesting.
The fast digesting protein in chocolate milk is whey, while the slow digesting protein in the drink is casein.
As an additional benefit, chocolate milk has a great deal of sugar, which adds to the overall number of carbohydrates. These benefits actually work in conjunction with one another. The fast and slow digesting proteins aid in muscle building, while the added carbohydrate content allows your body to recover from intense periods of exercise much faster.

3 Vinegar

Vinegar is beneficial for building muscle quickly because it allows your body to push the types of nutrients you ingest through your healthy diet directly into your muscles and away from the fat cells get naturally stored in your body. Muscle growth via an increase intake of nutrients is a key part of building a physique both muscular and lean.
If the nutrients are absorbed into the fat cells in your body, however, they essentially go to waste and not only makes muscle more difficult to build but make the fat cells harder to burn off.
If you’re already eating a meal high in carbohydrates, adding a little vinegar can be a great way to concert additional carbohydrates to glycogen. Glycogen is a key component your body needs to build muscle on a regular basis.

#4 Raspberries

Raspberries are an unlikely but pivotal ally to anyone trying to build muscle quickly. For starters, eating raspberries on a regular basis is proven to improve a person’s digestive health. A healthy digestive system allows your body to more efficiently process all of the foods you’re eating during your daily meals, which makes nutrients act in more beneficial ways overall.

#5 Water

When people think about the types of things they should be eating and drinking to build muscle as quickly as possible, few actually think of water as a viable solution.
What those people don’t realize is that muscles are made up of around 80 percent water, so maintaining proper hydration is incredibly important to not only building new muscles quickly but keeping the ones you’ve already worked so hard for. Studies have shown that if a person’s water composition changes even by as little as one percent, it can dramatically impair their ability to build new muscle even after the most intense workouts. Dehydration both impairs a person’s ability to exercise properly and negatively affects the body’s recovery process.

#6 Coffee
Coffee is a great tool in the fight to build muscle as quickly as possible due to its high caffeine content.
In addition to healthy foods act as natural fuel for the body, adding caffeine to your diet allows you to work out harder and for longer periods of time, both of which are key factors to building the muscles of your dreams




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