[Advice Needed] Can I Still Remain A Virgin Despite These Challenges From Guys?

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images confused galDear Tee,

I am 23 years old and I am still a virgin, I’ve dated four guys since I came to the university. The first guy broke up with me for no reason, so did the other three. When we started dating, I told them I am a virgin that I wanted to remain so until marriage, and they said they didn’t mind, that the love was all that matters. But later, they felt I could be cajoled into having sex not knowing I was really serious. Now I’m in my finals, its hard to still remain a virgin, most especially in this era where sex is a normal thing. I’m ashamed to even tell my friends that I’ve not had sex, because they will never believe me and they’d laugh at me. I’m confused, I’ve been heart broken so many times, please I need advice . I don’t know if I am strong enough to go on.

Hello dearie,
I am so proud of you… Its a good thing to keep your virtue and the best part of you should be kept for someone who truly deserves you….and that is your husband….on your wedding night. How sweet the experience would be, think about it. Dear, it does not matter what the world thinks about you, it does not matter what your friends think about you…what matters is what Go think about you, what matters is the fact that you are doing the right thing. Girl, you are stronger than you think, trust me…you have come a long way and this is not the time to let go of your virtue. Those guys you dated are not meant for you and trust me, they do not love you as they claimed. Never worry, a man that would cherish, love, respect you comes sooner than you think. Not all men are dogs, some still appreciate decent ladies like you. You don’t need your friends to believe you…you only need ‘you’ to believe in you. It does not matter the numbers of men that broke your heart….what matters most is that you are still standing despite all challenges. Don’t be fooled, you would still have been heartbroken if you had give in to their sexual demands. You should be glad that among the ‘rare few’ that are still upright. I strongly advise you to continue to uphold your value and virtue, never look down on yourself, you are the best ever and a good man would go length just to be your man. Continue to say NO TO SEX till you are married.
Wish you well,

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  1. You don’t know how rare your type is.. I’ll give a blank cheque to marry a girl like you.. Especially when you’re pretty both in n out. Wow #PerfectBride!

  2. First of all dear, i want u to know that ur not alone. It can be hard @ times but ur will power should be harder, meanwhile need i remind u that even though sex can be use to express love,sex itself is not love. Don’t worry about what everyone nd everywhere is saying what u should bother about is what ur expecting from urself try ur very best not to disappoint urself. Trust me bein a virgin does have its advantages nd u may not know it but someone is looking up to u also don disappoint d person. Mind u, some of those ur friends secretly wish de were u,some have even forgotten who disvirgin dem.
    Finally my dear know that premarita sex leave alto of regrets. Keep on holding on, it won’t be long. Stay strong

  3. How people have the same encounter,your story is exactly what am passing through now….everyone thinks its odd and that am weird….I almost gave up but will never cos everyone that has had premarital sex has nothing happy to show for it…it sounds good to make a difference but the other side of it is that am now so afraid of sex,I can’t even imagin myself doing it the thought scares ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ but I pray the right man will make a difference,babygirl hold on and never give up you have come a long way.kudos

  4. Waves are inspiring not bcuz they rise and but bcuz wen they fall they never forget to rise again. Keep working towards that aim…. Your type is as rare as a pink diamond…. Don’t listen or feel b ad bout what people say…. Keep your virginity and enjoy your marriage….. Plsssss don’t let people deceive you…. Your choice is the best….. People are around that can kill to marry a virgin…… Jst try….. Hold on to that dream and make it a reality

  5. Have u noticed my dear, how every one is proud of u. Nobody has the guts to advice you against holding on. Its the *rockstar* thing to do! Hold on girl. Wish u well!!

  6. go girl…some have fallen..but dey till wish dey were always up…but dey are strong today for odas to learn…some have gone soo far..u cud be an example for em to follow, some1 wif clear mind knowz d truth.. dat one time myt b d bginin of soo many tins u don’t expect… kudos…its always hard..temptations come…but u cud feel worse if u give d wrong pesin. so b stronger till ya marid

  7. Keep on gurl,its best 4 u…am also passin tru d same bt i dnt tink anytin can change my mind…be who u’r and keep wat u av gat…its ur pride.

  8. Hi dear,
    D question whether or nt u can remain a virgin in d mix of d storm is a matter of choice.
    It’s up 2 u 2 do what u know is right.
    Remember that ”marriage is honourable & it’s bed undefiled”. If u loss ur virginity, u can’t regain it & d consequence is automatic.
    Only a gud frnd who is not a virgin will advice & encourage u 2 maintain until u’re married. If nobody celebrate u been a virgin, then heaven will. Some may tell u d had s*x & they didn’t die.
    Flee 4 ur life.
    Sorry about d heartbreak, be strong but don’t give in cos it will be a terrible hrtbreak if u give in & then later dumped.

  9. God just carry him hand put for your head.The overall money in the world(i.e past,present and future) is not enough to purchase viginity.your type is MORE THAN RARE.God will provide a good husband for you in jesus name….amen

  10. Is good to be good . The reward for Gợ̣̣̝̇̇̇Ợ̥d thing is the crown of victory. Be strong ȋ̝̊̅n the lord

  11. My dear,am 29 still a virgin, just like u say its had to beliv, I have gone tru elot some guys wil tel u they can not marry a virgin dat day I cry I was like God wat a world!by his grace am into a relationship now. Mic love an respect me more dan any other woman on earth,so my dear even wen d foundation of dis earth is shaken let God be ur source, u wil not fail God an ur self in Jesus Name.

  12. Sweetie, I’m 28 and also a virgin and remaining a virgin hasn’t been so easy but its been worth the while so please do not even give a listening ear to anything otherwise. I once escaped being raped simply because d rapist got to know I am a virgin. My male friends are so proud of me and treat me with a lot of respect for ds one cause. So please dear, stay put but know that you cannot afford to mingle in every crowd. Choose your friends very wisely since you know you have a very precious and valuable possession/virtue to protect. May God bless you.

  13. Pls u don’t nid to b compromised, b focused. & stop telling ur friends that u’re still a virgin cos they can set u, ur virginity is not to b discussed with friends, to the person u’re dating pls don’t listen him on that cos most guys will just use u like dirty lylon & throw u away once they have gotten what they from u . I strongly believe that ur true man will surely wait for u.

  14. reading dis is the best thing dat has happened to me. I thought our values are all lost and dt no one knows wat is right again. I tell u dt as many dt reads this who shares same problem will be encouraged KEEP IT UP GIRL UR A GEM. A rare one

  15. I’m 19 , a virgin and I don’t plan on losing it until after marriage , its difficult to believe . I have a nose piercing , the normal bad girl look but my virginity is important . And I won’t lose it any how

  16. It is good 2 be a virgin don’t tel anyone even d person u r dating stil u see him love u.be a virgin is d best gift in life I advice girl 2 be a virgin dat is d only gift u can give 2 ur husband on ur married night.sme boy al they wnt is ur virginity they r not in love.find a true man

  17. baby am 28 nd still have my pride nd experiencing d same thing ur ar passn thru. lts nt easy dear bcos at initial stage they pretend bt as time goes on wen they realise that ur serious they walk away leaving wit broken hrt. pls continue to cherish ur pride for l hav nt given up nd pls stop telln people dat ur still a virgin nt even to d guy ur dating bcos its a gift nd shld be a suprise nd unexpected package. keep it on baby l love YOU

  18. hi dear, dis goes out 2 u nd 2 every oda virgins lyk us…..”am not afraid, 2 take a step, so everybody, cum take my hand. We’ll walk dis road 2geda, thru d storm, woteva weather, cold or warm, just let u knw dat, u’r not alone, holla if u feel lyk u’ve bn down d same road”…. So dear, just knw dat u’r not alone nd dnt be afraid. As u’ve bn told, choose ya frnds wisely so dey dnt entice or set u up cos we r all in d same train nd we r proud of it. KIP IT UP!

  19. the heaven’s are happy 4 u’ even men of upright sings u a praise, a hero in every midst of failures’ if only we can go along way seing as few as u’ the angels wil 4ever say hw worthy is she whom God perfects’ pls be strong u have already won the battle say Amen.

  20. Honey,Dont throw your costly pearls to Pigs.they will trample on it….am 31 in the situation.lets never give up for God and for that precious patrtner coming.you will make it!!

  21. Jst like u at 23 am still a virgin, I ve also been through alot.I was so close to getting a job at d refinery but was turned down because d last man wanted to defile me.But I am much happier nd proud of myself because no amount of money would ever return my virginity to me if i ever lose to to any fool dat do not deserve it.All heaven is so proud of ppl like us.

  22. babygirl first nd foremost i give guddoes to u.u need to be more stronger.like wat ve been said earlier,even if u ve s*x u wil be let alone nd be a talk of laughter al over wit dere friends.wat a big shame wil dat be.my dear keep urself til dat nite,wat a gloriouse nite it wil be wit a wonderfuly made husband that care nd cherish u.i knw is nt easy cause am into ur shoe to.never d less be stronge as i am.gudluck

  23. Goodday,i always ponder on this statements “what will people say” or “what will people do”or what will people think”?if as a human being u ask such questions always,then i want you to ask urself this question is it better to please men or to please God?life and death are in the power of the tongue,they that find them eat the fruit thereof.In Philippians 4 vs 7,it is written”and the peace of God,which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and ur minds in Christ Jesus.Verse 8″Finally,brethrens,whatever is true,whatever is noble,whatever is right,whatever is pure,whatever is lovely,whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.My advice to people,most especially youths is to be conformed to the image of Christ,do not b carried away with every wind of doctrines.Study God’s word,eat it and let it digest in you,only then you can have good success and make ur way prosperous.God is not a man,he’s always ready to help those who put their trust in him.Godbless

  24. Please my Sister not all men are Dog but some are not.

    You have come a long way please do not loose hope. Wail till you got marriage please for GOD sake.

  25. Keep it up gal…its not easy,but for you to have gone this far just continue,do not allow anyone to take that joy and pride from you. its really a privilege. me myself i regret not been a virgin…which i can turn back the hands of time. “cries”. As you can see no one is against you been a virgin, so kudos

  26. My advice 4 u is dat u sud keep it 4 d bone of ur bone that God wil provide 4 u soon. Am also a virgin guy and proud of it. Men wil chop u and go. . God wil provide ur bone 4 u.. . . ., keepin it is accordin to Gods wil. . Neva feel ashamed at all. . . .am proud of u. . . . . God wil lead ur bone to u soon. Wait unto Him. Past guys were nt meant 4 u dat is y they left u. My babe is also a virgin at 28, so keep focusin on God. . . Take care.

  27. Well you can never know what you have till you lose it. Your type is rare and your price is far more then ruby,I assure you that you can never regret your action. You are simply the best.

  28. To think I was about giving up.thank God I read this,now I’m encouraged to hold on.I’m 19 nd also a virgin.Go girl you are nt alone.be strong cos u are lyk a role model to me even doe I don’t knw you.I’m glad to knw dat guys still appreciate virgins

  29. I’m 29 and still a virgin. It’s the right thing to do. Be encouraged and hold on for the right person and at the right time. Besides, it makes your life less complicated.

  30. Dearie am proud of u actually am 19 ad begninng 2 loose hope jst bcos of wht frnds ae saying bt am very proud nw pls no fal my hands remember u’ve people like me at ur back. KUDOS

  31. I really appreciate ur effort towards maintaining ur virginity, is a good thing, try to keep it safe god will surely put u through.

  32. I don’t think you want to remain virgin, because the three guys left you,you lost your self confident,you’re not the only virgin suffering this,I am at my 35yrs still a virgin the first time I told some female folks they mocked me but I don’t care. There is pride in virtue.

  33. U are a rare gem. Pls, don’t let anybody dcv u. U r God-sent. Remain as u r till ur wedding 9te. Men r looking 4 girls like u. Keep it up.


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