[Advice Needed] How Do I Tell Him That I Have A New Boyfriend?

boredDear Tee,
I was once in love with a guy who doesn’t care about me. He never admits to his wrongs, he finds it very difficult to say sorry and he also finds it difficult to call me. When asked why he doesn’t call, he either says he doesn’t have money or he doesn’t have time…. Though I have made up my mind to disengage myself from the relationship since am not gaining anything from it.

Tee, I have made up my mind to breakup with him, it is just that I don’t know how to tell me, but my new boyfriend said it is better I tell him so that he will know I am no more his GF.

And should I continue to be independent because I noticed that the guys are taking advantage of it and even if I try to ask for something from a guy, I am always disappointed because I wont get it. Please I need your advice as soon as possible


Dear J,
I understand you are fed up of your previous relationships due to the reasons you gave, but then i think you should have opted out of the relationship before you went into the new one. Anyway, since you are already seeing another person, it would be nice if you just tell your previous man that you are no longer interested in the relationship…. explain to him the reasons why you feel it is best for you two to break up…. Yes, it might sound awkward to him, but then with time, he would get over it.

Also, I think you should get something doing to sustain yourself and become independent, nowadays, only a few nice guy still want to pay the bills…it is a different world right now…lol. Don’t worry, you would not have to ask a good guy for stuffs before he gives you….although they are rare, I believe they still exist….And I want to believe your new BF is one.
Wish you well,


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