[Advice Needed] I Am In Love With My Friend’s Ex. What Should I Do?

I am in love with my friend’s ex girlfriend. They dated for a year before they broke up. My friend has a new girlfriend now and he does not seem to be interested in his ex girlfriend whom I happen to be in love with presently, although she is 6 months older than I am. please what should I do?


Dear OJ,
I think you should really ask questions from your friend before you go into a relationship with his ex; ask him if he is truly over her and hear him out. Then, let him know of your intentions towards her. Fine, you don’t need his permissions to date her,but I think you should just give him a hint about it since he is your friend. If he doesn’t
want her again, you can then take a step ahead, but then you should be her friend before dating her…..this is because she needs time to heal from her broken relationship. Also, age is not a barrier if the lady in question does not mind.

Wish you well,

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