[Advice Needed] My Husband Cursed My Two Daughters; They Are Still Single At 36 Years!!! Please Read This Story And Advise Me! [Part 2]

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My daughter told me that daddy did not want her sister and herself to go out because he was having séx with both of them. I thought I didn’t hear her well. I asked her to repeat what she said, she repeated herself again and asked me to confirm from her sister.
I summoned my younger daughter immediately and she said the same thing. My life crashed that very moment and I asked if they could repeat what they told me before their father. They said they would. When he came back from the office, I sought an audience with and told him what the girls said. He said I was joking and said I should call the girls. I did and they repeated what they told me.
My husband denied vehemently and the girls insisted that it was happening. I was confused and I sought the counsel of our pastor, he called my daughters and they told him the same thing. I was confused and I didn’t know who to believe. This shattered my world and my husband became something else. He was hurt that I of all people refused to believe him.
I made arrangement and took my children back to the UK with me. Although it cost me a lot moneywise, I couldn’t leave my children with him any longer, a lot of things changed for him. He lost all his friends, even his family members abandoned him. People alluded a lot of reasons he would sleep with his daughters. Some said he did it for spiritual purpose. Some said he was using them for money ritual and I also had a reason to think that his fortune changed just after I left, automatically, he must have used my girls.
I didn’t want to have anything to do with him any longer. He tried to make me see that it was the devil’s machination to destroy our family, but I was past caring. I raised my children alone, although he offered to help several times, but I didn’t want to have anything to do with him. I learnt later that he remarried years after we left him. He became ill with psychiatry problem and he had to be remanded in a home.
My son cared about him and they were always communicating. As soon as he finished his education, he came back to Nigeria to stay close to his father and it was through him that we learnt of all that was happening to him.
My problems started when it was time for my daughters to get married and they couldn’t find suitors. It wasn’t even an issue of having relationships and experiencing disappointments. They never had dates. Initially, I didn’t see the situation as a problem because I felt they were experiencing psychological problems as a result of what happened during their teenage years.
They went through different counselling and other therapies, but all these didn’t help. One of my friends suggested that we seek spiritual help when my first daughter turned 36 years. We sought spiritual assistance from our pastor in London, a white man. After prayers, he said my daughters were suffering from a curse and they needed deliverance. Probably because he was not explicit, we went through several deliverance sessions, but the situation didn’t change.
My elder sister asked us to come back home. After visiting several pastors, we went to see one of the popular pentecostal pastors in the country. After prayers, he asked my daughters to confess their sins so that they could be free from the curse they placed on themselves. They denied knowledge of what the pastor said.
We left but their situation remained the same. Another friend of mine took us to another church, this time a spiritual one. After prayers, the spiritual head told my daughters that they had destroyed someone’s marital bliss and someone who wasn’t supposed to cry over them shed bitter tears because of what they did. He told us that the only way out is for them to seek the person out, confess their sins and ask for forgiveness.
My first daughter started to deny again, but her sister burst into tears and said she would confess. She said they both lied that their father did not have séx with them. She said her sister asked her to collaborate her story years back because their father did not give them the freedom to do what they wanted.
I was devastated by their confession. The man of God asked them to confess and let everyone who heard what they accused their father of know that they lied. Some of these people are dead. Apart from this, their father is mentally ill and cannot identify with his environment. Would he be able to understand and forgive them? I am yet to come to terms with why they destroyed all of us. Right now, I have suffered a partial stroke because I still cannot fathom why.

Where do we start from? My life is full of regrets. Probably, I should have trusted my husband, but as at that time, I couldn’t have done otherwise. Please, help me.


  • Well you shouldn’t be decieved the second time, they are forgiven from their sins as long as they confessed with their mouth and as long they confessed with a contrite heart.they should go back to him anywhere to seek for his forgiveness and blessing you will experience the miracle of God.

    For your husband please go back to him seek for his forgiveness anywhere and take him to any catholic priest after laying hands upon him he will deffinately be healed.

    Show him the same love you showed him when he was well and you were happy. You are blessed in Jesus name.

  • I said it! Even b4 U ended d story I knew dat was d truth of it bcos I was a victim too! Try and seek God’s forgiveness and ur husbands’ too no maTter hw sick he is. As 4 dat ur son he will be a great man 4 sticking to his father. His life will be blessed!

  • what they did was very terrible,they shd ask 4 forgiveness from dere bluved father and also u too,u shd ask 4 his 4giveness.i hope u pple find favour 4rom him,bcos u really destroyed him.

  • first i will blame you the mother for not trusting your husband who did all his best to bring up your children in the right way secondly did you even ask your son his own side of the story before you concluded and abandoned him? you contributed to the problem on ground as a mother.

    My advice, do whatever you can to bring your husband to a stable state of mind since he is mentally ill before you start thinking of forgiveness. Its so unfortunate that your daughters destroyed their own lives, father and yours too. May God have mercy upon them.

  • Woow!what a story?thank God for revealing d truth….madam my advice 4 u is 4u and ur daughters to ask God for forgivenes likewise ur husband,.d truth of d mata is dat ur daughters wil ave to confess even in d presence of both family..
    Pls dont 4get to go with a pastor……dis is a time of recounciliation btw husband,daughters and wife…..thank God ur husband didnt die before d truth is know..so let ur mind be at peace madam for all will be well with ur daughters and husband.takia

  • I will like to use dis opportunity to advice d teenagers and d youth’s never to swear when they knw they re at fault cos d future will decide when d going is tough.thanks

  • Wow what a terrible story the devil just set them UP & they fail 4 it flat my sincere advise to their mother is to fine her way to synagogue church of all nation that is the only place were this problem can be handle both physical & spiritualy because the man of GOd has handled cases like this b4 to members which includes nigerians & foreigners alike pls am very touched with this unfortunate story dnt let anyone discourage u from going to synagogue pls because i know the devil knows that once u step in there Ur problem will be over ok GOD bless u ma pls be fast about it now that ur husband is still alive ok

  • Sad but can it be true? Is the man their biological father cos i don’t expect one’s biological child to be dis heartless and calous to him or her. Anyway if its true the only way is to go back and apologise and i pray the pieces that remain of them could still be packed together to make a better tomorrow.

  • Wch one be Synagogue chrch? Madam sincerely repent nd seek God’ s forgvness nd advice. Pray nd God will tk control. He owns ur husband, nd only him can restore ur hubby’s mentality, nd ur daughters happiness, nd evn ur health back. So pray, believe, nd go to any believing church.

  • well ther are three steps to solve this problem:
    1. Ask GOD for forgiveness for being ignorant at that time and also for not trusting your Husband and also for breaking your wedding vow
    2.Ask for your husband’s forgiveness and his relatives too kneeling along with your daughters too asking for forgiveness
    3. if he forgives ask him to break the curse he pronounced and make him pronounce blessings from God for your daughters
    then the case is settled since he(your husband) pronounced and God approved, it is only with your husband’s approval that God will reverse the curse and your daughters will be free.
    NB:before you start these steps please pray that GOD should heal your husband and heal you too, if your husband wont forgive then carry your pastor along to help you if he wont listen after you have taken your pastor along then let your pastor pray for your daughters and GOD will break the curse and your daughters will be free in Jesus name amen

  • this is very sad ask ur husband for forgiveness cause you choose to belive your daugthers and not trusting your husband you should be able to know dat all of your children will leave you to start their own life it will remain you nd your husband till death seperate you woman should stop saying my children alone nd negleting d care for d husband

  • Listen your a mother and I commend you for doing what you thought was right..my advice to you is forgive yourself and move on. Receive the proper counseling you and your family needs. Be strong and have faith that it will all fall back into place. I’m not going to judge you like the others did I understand you all the way

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