[Advice Needed] We Are Engaged, But He Doesn’t Last in Bed

Dear Tee,
I am a lady of 25 years of age and I am in my final year. I am dating a man who loves me so much and treats me like a queen. Recently, he took me to his parents, proposed to me and I said yes. Last two weeks, he confessed to me that he has premature ejaculation and he also said that was the reason he has been denying me of sex and postponing it till we get married. I am scared of this, should I leave him for another man who would be able o fulfill my sexual desire? Thanks


Hello EM,
Your man was nice enough to tell you the truth about himself and I thunk you should not use it against him…. What if he didn’t tell you and you find out after you guys are married? Your man loves you and I think he really deserves your love in return which you need to to him by helping him out of the situation… you should advise him to seek urgent medical attention, there are drugs and medications available to correct such. This s the time your man need you and it would be nice to really stick with him and help him. You could leave him and go for another man, what if he has a bigger issue than this….think about it and help your man get out of the situation… Remember a friend in need is a friend indeed,



  1. u dont need to live your man because of such minor issue,he loved you dearly,that’s why he confessed to you,take him to hospital for medical attention,i bet you,you’ll surrender to him at last in bed……*smiles* dont trow away your love,because is the most scarcity of all items now….true love….very scarce


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